Why I’m Opposing the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch
Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders is correct; Neal Gorsuch is a Fascist Right-Wing extremist that will only do the bidding of the wealthy and big corporate masters of the political party to which he belongs, the Republicans (spare me the cognitive dissonance, false equivalency and projectional hypocrisy arguments, GOP).

Just this morning, someone shared, on Facebook, I post I wrote last summer where I had come to the part of the novel, “1984”, where the novel’s “hero”, Winston Smith, is reading the third chapter of a book written by the man The Party (which are the GOP here and now) and the Inner Party (today’s Fascist GOP PoliCons, political Conservatives) have identified as their most powerful enemy, Emmanuel Goldstein, to his girlfriend, Julia.

The Orwell novel 1984 was published in 1949. When I read the novel last year for the first time in many years, I was struck by how eerily prophetic the novel was in predicting our current politics, from the GOP being The Party to the GOP PoliCons being The Inner Party all the way to Sen. Sanders being the current version of Goldstein. No wonder that there was a such a rush to order the novel right around the inauguration of our current president.

I’m writing the following as simply a statement of fact and it is not to be considered as criticism of Sen. Sanders: in July 2011, I was languishing with about 35 Facebook friends and I had written many posts, comments, etc., excoriating the GOP for being the criminally corrupt enemies of this country that they truly are. After I was added to my first two political groups of FB, my FB friends number began rising quickly. I took advantage of that newfound “popularity” and being a member of those groups to begin railing against the GOP for being the Fascists they are and railing on some other subjects that Sanders has taken on himself, though it was several months before Sanders started railing against the “oligarchs” and other problems, such as the massive wealth inequality in this country and the world.

So, while it’s good that Sanders acknowledges what I already knew and still know, he’s a few months too late. His calling of the wealthy and big corporate masters of the GOP as “oligarchs” badly underestimates the danger they pose, their power and their efforts. In actuality, the forces of evil in this country, whom are all registered Republicans, are truly called, by me, the “Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy” (FCP). The Fascist and Christian parts are self-explanatory. But, the terms “Plutartheocracy” and “Plutartheocrats” (FCPers) need some explanation. A “plutocratic” form of government is one where wealthy people rule, either directly or by buying politicians; an oligarchic form of government is one where a very small number of people, “Knights of the Round Table” small, run the government. A “plutarchy” is a plutocratic oligarchy. A “theocratic” form of government is one run by religious figures using religion as its basis. Therefore, What the GOP’s PoliCon wing have wanted for many decades is a combination of all three terms in one phrase: Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy. Right now, there are three things/groups of people who stand between us and the FCP the PoliCons want so badly: the GOP Civil War (which killed off the GOP’s AHCA legislation), Senate Democrats (and Independents like Sanders) and the Federal judicial system. Putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, which is at the top of the Federal judicial system, would make it much easier for the Fascist GOP PoliCons to get their FCP. That’s why Gorsuch’s confirmation vote needs to be blocked at all costs.

Finally, as we all are aware, the Senate GOP, frustrated that Democrats are using a procedure of their own creation known as the “silent filibuster” against them, threatened to take a vote to “nuke” the silent filibuster. Senator Merkley (one of my Senators) employed the “old school” filibuster last night to try and stop the Senate GOP from calling for a vote on the “nuking” of the silent filibuster. In case you don’t know how procedures work in the US Senate: with the “silent filibuster” , all one Senator has to do is to slap it on proposed legislation or a confirmation vote of Supreme Court nominees and they don’t have to stand and speak for hours and hours to block advancement of a bill or confirmation vote. In order for the silent filibuster to be overcome, at least 60 Senators must vote to invoke “cloture”, which ends debate and sends the legislation or confirmation vote to the Senate floor, where only a simple majority vote is needed for passage. In this case, there are 51 GOP Senators, meaning that, if the silent filibuster has been put on anything, at least nine Democratic Senators (or Sanders/Angus King, the Independents, can join in) need to vote to invoke cloture. That’s why the Senate GOP want to nuke the silent filibuster, which, in my estimation, would be a huge mistake for them. Not right now, mind you; if the Democrats take back control of the Senate after next year’s midterms, they could correctly say to the GOP that, since they (the GOP) nuked the silent filibuster, that they’re not going to bring it back.

If you’re wondering why the GOP, especially the Senate GOP, are such hypocrites, here’s why: when the GOP were in the minority of the Senate, they employed the silent filibuster constantly to block anything President Obama wanted to do. Simply employing the silent filibuster is not a criminal act; the REASON or reasons why can be, such as the case with the GOP, who are all Federal criminals that simply wanted to obstruct the President back then. Now that a Republican is in the White House, the Senate GOP want to “nuke” the silent filibuster to get the GOP’s Fascist agenda through the Senate. Hypocrisy, btw, is one of the 10 GOP “Tenets”, along with bigotry, elitism, Fascism, greed, corruption, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy.

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