Drain the Swamp
Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders originally wrote that eight days after Election Day.

We are now in the 55th day of Orange Mussolini’s presidency. Drain the swamp? Perhaps…but, he’s replaced what was drained with raw sewage, and a lot of it.

Since Sanders wrote the missive above, OM has said and written a lot, usually no more than 140 characters at a time. One of the things that he said, during a press conference, that was most telling, was this: “I don’t need voters now; I’ll need their votes in four years”. That statement should have set off alarm bells everywhere, but, among his supporters? Meh.

I’ve written about “The Progression”, which is what happens when you confront all Republican voters, especially the voting supermajority of the party, the Moderates and Progressives (66% of the voters, none of the politicians), with the truth and facts about their party and politics in general. I’ll go through it again…..

Note: the GOP don’t always start with step 1. Some will start with the second step and a few others will go to step three right off the bat. The reason behind the GOP going through The Progression is that they need to make themselves feel better about being/supporting Republicans.

Step one: cognitive dissonance, that uncomfortable feeling they get when confronted with the truth and facts because the truth and facts don’t conform with their admittedly manipulated views about politics. When you tell them, for example, that all GOP politicians are Fascists because they adhere to all of the “defining characteristics” or principles of it, their answer is, “Republicans aren’t Fascists”. This is a mild form of insanity, which proves one of the GOP’s 10 “Tenets”: insanity.

Step two: after you debunk step one, they immediately move to the second step, false equivalency. This is pretty easy to spot…they’ll say, “Democrats are just as bad as the GOP”. They’re not, of course, but the PoliCon (politically Conservative) minority of the GOP had to develop that in order to fool ignorant Republicans into continuing to support their Fascist regime. Hillary Clinton was the biggest victim of false equivalency during this past election cycle. She was continually called “Republican Lite” and a “War Hawk”, etc. False equivalency is a more moderate form of insanity.

Step three: when you debunk their BS on the first two steps, they get angry and move to the final step, a psychiatric ploy and the worst form of hypocrisy (hypocrisy being another one of the GOP’s 10 Tenets) known as “projection”. There are two types of projection, btw, and the GOP employ both of them. Negative projection is where they wrongly project their negative qualities onto others. So, instead of denying that the GOP are Fascists or making the false equivalency claim, they’ll say that it’s the Democrats that are the Fascists, corrupt, insane, greedy, bigoted, elitist, etc. Positive projection is when they wrongly compare themselves to political heroes/icons of the past, such as when they wrongly claim that they’re just like the Founding Fathers and have the same philosophies they did. It doesn’t matter to them that, in actuality, their philosophies are diametrically opposite of the Founding Fathers, who were Liberals fighting against the PoliCon Feudalists of their time (btw: Feudalism is the pre-Industrial Revolution version of Fascism).

When you converse with Republicans online (or even in person), you will note that nearly all of them will go through one of more of the steps of The Progression. In regards to the last step, I hear/see a lot of Republicans claim that I, who was nicknamed the “Fascist Hunter” by Kerry Fox of the podcast “Kerry Fox Live”, don’t know what Fascism is, etc. That’s projectional hypocrisy of the highest order. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen/ heard Republicans say things that adhere to one or more of the steps of The Progression.

One of the statements OM made nearly 20 years ago that was allegedly “debunked” was a comment attributed to him where he said that, if he were to run for President, he’d do it as a Republican because GOP voters are stupid. Those Fascist PoliCons I’ve mentioned before, thanks to the GOP, own 98% of the media in this country. Those media were quick to point out that he had never said it. But, let’s take a look at the facts to determine whether, even if he didn’t say it, he actually believes it and is too chickenshit to admit it….

First of all, you have to give him credit…because he’s a grifter/con man of the highest order, he knew that changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican would greatly enhance his chances of becoming President. Think about it….do you really believe that Democrats would have voted for him to be their candidate?? If you do, please check yourself into a mental institution as soon as possible. During the campaign, he made lots of promises and called himself a “populist”, as Senator Sanders noted in his missive. After a primary win about 13 months ago, he said that he loves “the poorly educated” and gave them credit for his win. He managed to get just south of 63 million votes, nearly 3 million LESS than Hillary Clinton did, but made the projectional hypocrisy claim that Clinton only won by that many votes in the popular vote because “illegals” voted for her. Intelligent people can see through his Fascist propaganda and bullshit. You know who doesn’t see through it? Stupid people, especially the nearly 63 million who voted for him. All of that means that OM does, indeed, think of Republicans as stupid.

For all of you who voted for OM and the GOP (no false equivalency here; political Conservatism is the problem and all PoliCons are GOP now and have been for nearly a half-century, hence the reason why they needed to start spewing the false equivalency narrative), voted third party or didn’t vote at all (something many of the Moderates and Progressives have done starting with the 2010 midterms), you enabled/suborned the GOP’s Fascism, corruption, insanity, bigotry, elitism, greed, etc. That makes YOU responsible for what’s happening in politics now. Unfortunately, those of you who fall into those three categories have shown that you have no shame whatsoever for what you’ve done. And, if it’s just dawned on you that you made a huge mistake in doing what you did, congratulations…..you came to that realization way too late. You get no sympathy from me whatsoever. I and many others told you this stuff was going to happen if you allowed the GOP to take control of DC politics and politics in 32 states of this Union. Now, all you have is protests, marches, etc. I and others who told what would happen refuse to assuage your guilt; you’re going to have to live with it, Just remember how bad the GOP truly are when (if) you go to the ballot box next November.

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