Well put.

Storm’s comment mostly misses the point. As a matter of fact, he foists the “false equivalency” narrative that’s completely bogus and annoys the fuck out of me.

Allow me to, yet again, remind everyone of a few things: if both the Demos and GOP were “the same”, we’d be totally fucked right now. And, it’s been obvious since early 2015 (when the Fascist GOP took over both Houses of Congress) that only two things stand in the way of our democracy and its conversion to the Fascist Christian Plutartheocracy the GOP wants so badly: the Democrats in Congress and the Federal court system.

Joining with the “Firebaggers” (Libertarians) with the false equivalency argument are the voting supermajority (66%, but none of the politicians) of the GOP, the Moderates and Progressives. I call false equivalency the “Siren Song” and, if I were Randy Jackson evaluating how well the Firebaggers and GOP Moderates/Progressives sing it, the nicest thing I could say it, “you’re a bit pitchy, dawg”.

Storm is most likely one of those Firebaggers. Remember that Firebaggers and the Fascist PoliCon psychopath minority of the GOP differ on just two subjects: civil rights and the US’ military footprint across the world. That’s also why when Firebaggers sing the Siren Song, it’s also the worst form of hypocrisy and a psychiatric ploy known as “projection”. Unfortunately, the GOP and Firebaggers are expert projectional hypocrites. Experts.

I’ve seen the “vote for the candidate, not the party” bullshit so much from the GOP and Firebaggers that I roll my eyes in annoyance every time I see or hear it, such as when Storm pretty much spewed it in his response. The Fascist GOP PoliCons thank you for your service in trying to deflect the attention off of them (the PoliCons); I hope the check’s in the mail and that it clears; PoliCons are also greedy and that check won’t automatically clear, Storm.

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