Donald Trump is Making the United States An Anti-Corruption Laughingstock
Mother Jones

This article is making the same mistake way too many others are making, that is, concentrating on Orange Mussolini almost exclusively without holding the rest of the Fascist and corrupt GOP accountable…

Allow me to say this for the umpteenth time: all GOP politicians are “PoliCons”, political Conservatives….PoliCons are, by nature, corrupt as all get-out….PoliCons have always attached themselves to Authoritarian-type governments like Fascist regimes because the ideology of those governments fits theirs perfectly….All PoliCons are Republicans now, despite their Fascist propaganda to the contrary….Orange Mussolini is no “outlier” of the GOP… he’s the poster boy for PoliConism. The only difference between he and his administration (with two exceptions) and the rest of the GOP is that the rest of the GOP are “experienced” Fascists while OM and his minions (Sessions and Price excluded) are inexperienced Fascists.

The whole GOP is the problem, ladies and gentlemen, and spare me the cognitive dissonance, false equivalency and projectional hypocrisy arguments. The whole GOP, all of them all across the country.

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