A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment

Unfortunately, Professor Lessig’s words wander very closely to the false equivalency narrative that I’ve been railing against for nearly six years. That sad narrative has been repeated by GOP Moderates and Progressives plus the Libertarians (“Firebaggers”) so much that I began, several years ago, calling false equivalency the “Siren Song of the Firebaggers and GOP Moderates/Progressives”. I also developed “The Progression”, what the GOP and Firebaggers go through when confronted with the truth and facts about politics.

The first step in The Progression is cognitive dissonance, where the GOP and Firebaggers simply deny the truth and facts because they make them uncomfortable and they don’t line up with their beliefs and ideology. Some in the mental health community believe that cognitive dissonance can go both ways, that is, if you know the truth and facts and are confronted with lies and propaganda, that it still makes you uncomfortable. Logic dictates that such a thing is nearly ridiculous. If you know the truth and facts already, being confronted with lies and propaganda only supports you and signals that “the other side” is insane.

False equivalency is the second step. What many people don’t realize, and even I didn’t until I researched it, is that PoliConism (political Conservatism) and PoliCons (political Conservatives) are the actual problems with our country and especially our politics. PoliCons have hovered around this country’s politics since its beginning. Many people don’t know that, during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, 13 of the 56 delegates left the convention before it ended and three more stayed until the end but refused to sign it, the US Constitution. Forty of the 56 did sign it and nine states at the time swiftly ratified it, making it our foundational legal document. The 16 who didn’t sign were PoliCons. PoliCons have belonged to nearly every political party in this country’s history. In fact, from the early 1800’s until 1969, there were PoliCons in the Democratic Party. Many people don’t realize or know that the Republican Party was actually founded by Liberals, Progressives and anti-slavery activists. Democrats at that time were all PoliCons. After Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, the PoliCons, as they usually do, had a selfish idea: “Hey, let’s take over both parties!” PoliCons began leaving the Democratic Party and infecting the GOP, driving out the last of the GOP Liberals by 1872. It took another four decades for the PoliCons to push out enough of the Moderates and Progressives to completely take over the party, a situation that has existed ever since then with the exception of the Eisenhower years in the White House.

It may seem like I’m digressing in the previous paragraph, but there’s a reason why I’m detailing all of that. In the 1960’s, PoliCon Democrats, especially the Southern “Dixiecrats”, were becoming disenchanted with the Democratic Party. Some left the Demos to become Republicans but many of them wanted the PoliCons to take back control of the Democratic Party. Alabama Governor George Wallace even started a third party and ran for President, becoming the latest (and, so far, last) third party Presidential candidate to actually receive Electoral College votes. But, while all of that was going on, the GOP and Tricky Dick Nixon had some ideas of their own, most notably, the “Southern Strategy”, which was meant to make the last of the PoliCon Dixiecrats into Republicans. That effort was successfully completed by 1969. But, because that effort was so successful, the PoliCons needed a narrative to knock down Democrats. That’s when false equivalency was birthed by them. The aim was simple: convince the voting supermajority of the GOP, the Moderates and Progressives, that there’s no difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties so that those “Mods” and “Progs” will throw up their hands and keep voting GOP. Starting in 2010, the Moderates and Progressives started doing something else that serves the purposes of the PoliCons: staying home from the ballot box in “protest” of the PoliCon minority that runs the GOP. That has allowed the PoliCons to take complete control of the party.

The third and final step is the one where PoliCons go to straight from the beginning: projectional hypocrisy. Projection is the worst form of hypocrisy whereby one makes false allegations about others that actually apply to them. The GOP, especially the PoliCons, are expert projectional hypocrites.

PoliCons make up about a dozen percent of this country’s population. Another three percent are the Firebaggers and “others” that are actually represented by Republicans. The other 85% of this country’s population are truly represented by Democrats. But, thanks to the PoliCons’ ownership of 98% of the media through 50 media corporations and the PoliCons having most of the country’s wealth (thanks to their GOP lackeys), they’ve foisted the false equivalency narrative effectively enough to convince most of the Moderate and Progressive Republicans into thinking that the GOP and Demos are truly the same. Professor Lessig is indirectly correct about one thing: the 15% of people who are truly represented by Republicans are too far gone and can’t be convinced of the truth and facts of matters. What needs to be done now is for the Moderates and Progressives to be “deprogrammed” off of Authoritarian/Fascist principles and realize that the GOP doesn’t truly represent them and hasn’t for a long time. Those are the people that need to be convinced of the truth and facts.

For those who don’t know me, I’m a Non-Affiliated voter (NAV) that hasn’t belonged to a political party since 1990. I believe in the truth and facts of matters, especially political, rather than party dogma. Even I realize that both major parties are not the same. In my state, I’m not alone…in fact, nearly 31% of the voters of my state are NAVs like me. The reason most of us end up voting Democratic is that we’re intelligent enough to realize that the false equivalency narrative is bullshit and that there are huge differences between the GOP and Demos. What we don’t like about the Democratic Party is that they act like spineless jellyfish too much of the time. The GOP have the opposite problem…they double down on Fascist principles.

It’s well past time for many in this country to abandon false equivalency and admit that PoliConism and PoliCons (who, again, are all GOP now) are the problems with our politics. Until enough Republicans are kicked out of power via our votes, this Fascist GOP PoliCons’ BS will continue. The false equivalency narrative will continue to be repeated and believed by the GOP Moderates and Progressives.

Finally, regarding impeachment: if you’re willing to acknowledge the truth that the GOP and its PoliCon wing are the problem, then you know very well why the Congressional GOP will not begin impeachment proceedings against Orange Mussolini. They will begin such proceedings if and when OM becomes useless to them. With the mounting list of Federal criminal violations committed by OM, the rest of the GOP will simply use that against him via blackmail to get him to do what they want. The rest of the GOP need OM in the White House because OM takes most of the heat off of them. Once he’s gone, all of heat shifts onto them. They don’t even want to investigate him right now, let alone impeach him. If OM weren’t a GOP PoliCon, the rest of the GOP would have impeached and removed him by now. I spent a lot of time last year reminding people that OM is not an “outlier” of the GOP and PoliConism; he’s their “poster boy”.

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