Are Congressional Republicans with us, or against us? The nation deserves to know, right now.
Wil Wheaton

While what you wrote, Wil, states almost all of the truth of the matter, the only part that isn’t true is calling what the GOP have done, especially Orange Mussolini and his minions, “treason”.

Last night, on Facebook, I promised that I’d explain, for the last time, what the LEGAL definitions of treason actually are. In keeping with that promise, I will not explain it yet again. What I will do, however, is to direct anyone who’s willing to do the research to go to the US Code, Title 18, Chapter 115, Section 2381 to get two of the three legal definitions of treason. The third definition of treason is a “legal precedent” set in the 1869 Supreme Court case Texas v. White, secession. The story with that case is that, in 1867, the state of Texas hilariously sued the Federal government to pay their Civil War bills. By the time the case got to the SCOTUS in 1869, the Justices had pretty much decided that secession is treason and ruled as such.

Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT saying that what the GOP politicians have done is legal. Far from it. All but two handfuls of GOP politicians in this country (not just those who “work” in DC) are guilty of multiple violations of 18 USC 2384 (shorthand for US Code, Title 18, Chapter 115, Section 2384) and 90% of GOP politicians in this country are guilty of multiple violations of 18 USC 2383. Not to mention that those 47 GOP US Senators who signed that letter to Iran last year are guilty of a violation of 18 USC 953.

The problem, Wil, is that the FBI and DOJ lack the spine to do anything about the GOP politicians’ rampant criminality and corruption. The evidence is already there; the legal infrastructure to hold GOP politicians accountable for their criminality and corruption already exists; what’s lacking is the willingness of the FBI and DOJ to do their jobs. Of course the GOP in DC, who know that they’re already criminals that haven’t been indicted, arrested and prosecuted, yet, are going to prosecute a half-assed investigation of Orange Mussolini; after all, if they went “hard” at him, they’d be exposing their own pathetic hypocrisy; criminals investigating other criminals is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Even Orange Mussolini himself is a criminal. In fact, one of the five Constitutional criteria the Electoral College must use in voting for the President and Vice-President (which are done in two separate votes) is the fact that those for whom the electors wish to vote must not be criminals. That criteria not only disqualifies ALL GOP politicians from legally receiving electoral college votes, but it invalidates their elections outside of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections. No GOP politician has been legally elected due to that. So, I say again that criminals investigating other criminals is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Are Congressional Republicans with us? No, not really. Yes, they’ve already shot down several of the campaign promises that Orange Mussolini has made. But, all GOP politicians are still criminals that need to be indicted, arrested and prosecuted for their crimes. Until all GOP politicians are held accountable for their criminality and corruption, their criminality and corruption will continue, unchecked.

(As usual, I’m telling GOP voters to spare me the cognitive dissonance, false equivalency and hypocrisy/projectional hypocrisy arguments)

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