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Listen Jeff

Medium is asking me to give you a two minute read, so here goes:

First the fuck off, modern day computing owes an enormous debt primarily to the women who served as “computers” in the days before electronic computation. Hedy fucking Lamarr provided groundbreaking work in the field of signals intelligence back when good old boys like your asshole great grandpa (this is an assumption here) were still trying to see how far they could fit a cigar up their ass without burning their kidneys.

SECOND, you’ve gotta be kidding me. This isn’t worth a response. Vetoed.

On the subject of record contracts, advancement associations, etc: the American black man has spent the past 100 years running from the weight of the law as wielded by boring dudes like you and they still managed to pull off the Harlem Renaissance, Motown, the UNCF, NAACP, the Black Panthers, and to continue this list would be insulting to the memory and the struggle because it implies that this list COULD end, so let’s just say that this shit goes on ad infinitum and forever, something your sorry ass has no chance of.

That’s about all I got time for. Later, fucknuts.

Yours in Christ,

An unimpressive white man