Alternative Endings

1. She couldn’t catch her breath. It was always hard for her to breathe, her face so squished and her nose so small. But tonight it was different. As she wandered around the house she stumbled, grasping for breath. Eventually she found herself on the small rug in the bathroom. She had always loved to lay on the rug while her owner brushed his teeth. Her big eyes looking up, begging for something, any kind of attention at all. Tonight she was alone in the bathroom. The rug was soft and it comforted her as she took her last breath.

2. As she lay dying, she felt alone. Where was her owner? Didn’t he know she needed him, that it was an emergency and she couldn’t breathe. He was usually home at this time. He must have got stuck at work or gone for drinks with a friend. Either way, he wasn’t here and she was a breath or two away from doggy heaven. She had always hated going to the vet, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that he wasn’t here. Just then, she heard the door open. It took a few minutes but he found her, carried her to the car, and rushed her to the animal hospital.

3. She stumbled and fell down on the rug. As she struggled to breathe, her mind began to quiet. For once she wasn’t thinking about when she would get her next treat, or if it was time to go to the dog park, or if the big dog around the corner would be out on their walk. She was fully present and aware. She was dying. As she died she realized what was really important. It wasn’t any of the things she spent her life thinking about (although bacon was still pretty important). It was simply having been alive that mattered.

4. The traffic was backed up. Why did there have to always be so much traffic when you actually had to get somewhere quickly? She laid on the seat, not moving but still breathing shallowly. He had to get her to the vet. She wasn’t old enough to die. She was healthy earlier today. This was not the plan. He drove as quickly as he could, speeding through yellow red-ish lights. When he arrived at the vet, they took her immediately and began to work. He sat in the waiting room, praying she would make it.

5. Her owner could tell something was wrong as soon as he walked in the door. She always greeted him at the door, tongue out, eyes darting around full of excitement. The moment he came home from work was her favorite time of the day. He found her spread out on the rug. Alive but barely breathing, her eyes rolled back into her head. The vet said they would try. They performed CPR three times. Just as they were about to give up, her breathing intensified and her eyes shifted. It was a miracle. She was alive.

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