The Line in the Sand

I have been driving for uber for over a year in Knoxville TN. I started this as a part-time while I was in school. The freedom of choosing when to make extra money while I finish my degree in the Medical Field. My market was new, Uber had just made its presence known in 2014.

Within a few months, I started to network out find other markets for Uber and learned how huge this really was. I saw it as a way to help my community to get around and give someone another option to get home as a pose to risk driving drunk ( yes majority of business is from bar scenes )

To Date I have completed over 1100 rides and depending where I look for my rating, I have a 4.73 to a 4.82 while my weekly emails tell me I’m a 5.0. There seem to be an issue in the West Coast markets getting their rates lowered and drivers losing reasons to drive. At this time, I started to notice a flooding of drivers in my market. Not so easy to get rides like I was able to.

With the recent rate cuts, added misrepresentations of tips from uber to our riders, flooding in markets, making a profit driving for uber became a hardship or impossibility in some places. I have seen many ideas tried to get Ubers’ attention, and failed.

Protesting by not logging on and making a public demonstration seemed to be a good course of action. Uber responded by ADDING more drivers to the market and continue to flood the market with new drivers. I even see people getting together to send a letter to a company that is valued at 68 Billion Dollars, and think it will do any good.

I’m sorry to say that idea is just a waste of time. They ignore any correspondence from drivers and respond with a pre-set response to include language “Your feedback is very important to us, and we will pass it up for consideration”. If they can get around 500 drivers not logging in for a week, I’m sure the so-called “feedback” will be ignored.

Well the Soldier in me can not sit idly by anymore, and allow myself or my fellow drivers talent and property be taken advantage of by Uber.

We can no longer afford to wait and do things we know Uber will ignore. It’s time we do things they HAVE to address that hold weight.

This is my voice:

If we, the drivers, want to get Ubers’ attention we will have to speak their language. Uber is fluent in only two dialects.

  • Laws

Speak with your local congressmen/representatives. Uber is getting away with what they are doing due to the lack of regulations. The States and D.O.L have no clue what to do. when there is no one saying you CAN’T do something, there is no one to stop you when you do it.

I feel the next course of action in each state would be contact your state lawmakers. Explain this issue to them and petition them to Present a Bill to the house senate, or even your area congressmen to set a precedent to REGULATE Uber in your state. Many states have an accepted TNC law that allows Uber to operate. This keeps law enforcement away from citing drivers while in rides.

  • Money

Uber has too much of it and when you attack their wallet they will notice you. Every state also has regulations on Minimum Wages for Tipped Employees in the Wage hour Division in the D.O.L. ( Please see )

I personally, with drivers in 14 other states, have contacted Law firms to Present this matter to our courts for multiple violations, and for relief from the courts for unjust actions and treatments. The reasons are as follows but not limited to; Interference with prospective business relations, Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Conversion, Fraud and Misrepresentation, and other violations that may apply to local and state laws in each respective market.

If anyone reading this article wishes to find out more about what you can do legally and make a stand, let your voice be heard. Please contact
Brittany Weiner, Esq. 450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1408 New York, NY 10123 Direct Dial: (646) 380–9555 Facsimile: (212) 658–9177

Israel Klein, Esq. 450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1408 New York, NY 10123
Telephone:(646) 790–3854‎Facsimile:(212) 658–9177

It is time we all came together and make a stand where Uber will notice! This is not about one driver or one group, this is about everyone involved. People who changed jobs just to make a difference in their life and now they are left with no options.

Uber presented Contract opportunities in black and white, time to let them know they can not change it at will without answering for their actions! It is our right and duty to stand for others who may not be able to stand for them self.