Air Conditioning Repair in Oxford

About Staycool-Refrigeration:

Our company provides a variety of air conditioning services for the total comfort of customers. The leading service provider in Oxford shire offers design services, Installation and Industrial Air Conditioning Services. Stay cool-Refrigeration provides both cooling and heating facilities for organizations and industrial purposes. All systems and designs are developed very smartly by keeping carbon footprint check in our mind. Inverter drove Industrial Air Conditioning Services are very environmentally friendly to meet the industrial regulation. Our experience in providing customer satisfaction and after sale services are top notch.

Services: Regular maintenance length a product’s life in so many ways. It saves money and energy from your resources. Industrial Air Conditioning Services is our specialty with an excellent and productive approach for the customer by understanding the needs. An equipment owner of the plant has 3kg of carbon refrigeration limit. It becomes very important to keep your Air conditioners in check for maintenance. Our services include maintenance, preservation of equipment, installation and commissioning at 24/7 bases. We are here for your needs and with a sense of Integrity for you work.


• Wide product Range: We provide a variety of products suiting the needs of the client. The lineup that meets environmental as well as application issues. We design systems for you with a wide range of suitable equipment.

• Energy Savings and Gas Emission check: We only provide you with the best. Keep carbon footprints under the radar and your energy consumption efficient. We help you to gain the full benefit of your equipment.

• High flexibility: Advanced model provides high flexibility by using elemental technology which provides both cooling and heating conditioning according to need.

• Trusted Support: We provide 24/7 support, prioritizing the system failures and emergencies. We provide all type of after sale services as well. A satisfied customer is our focus. High understanding of customer’s need is our priority.

Why to choose Stay cool:

• We provide service on time

• Very experienced and hardworking engineers

• We remind our customers for maintenance with a call.

• Reduced hourly rates for our customers.

• Includes all Industrial Air Conditioning Service.

• Prioritize the system failure and emergencies.

Components: We heed the need of customer whether you require a ducted air conditioning system or full-fledged Chambers refrigeration; we got everything you need in one place. We provide and specialize in:

• Ducted, Floor Standing, Wall mounted and ceiling suspended systems

• Heat Pumps

• Air conditioning splitters

• Fanned Air handling units

• VRV 3 pipe heat recovery systems

• Basic split systems

• Inverters

• Wall Mounted Systems

• Floor Mounted Systems

• Multi-Split Units

• Concealed Ducted Systems

• Ceiling Cassette Systems

• Ceiling Suspended Systems

• Air Curtain Systems

• VRF Multi Systems

• Air Handling Units

• Portable AC Units

• R22 Phase out


• Consultancy: we provide our expert opinions and constant reminder for the best of you equipment and resources. We emphasize on perseverance and consistency over replacement.

• Workforce: our 24/7 workforces of experts provide every tool and brain for the best installation and Repair of your equipment and products.

• Maintenance: We provide repair and maintenance services with expert and professional touch for your long term investment of equipment.