Experiences You Cannot Miss while Holidaying in Marrakech

This beautiful city is surrounded by old city walls, riads, crumbling palaces, noisy souks and skilled artisans which increase the charm of this place. The ambience itself leads a distinct character, which are different from most of the African and European continents. The people of Morocco are welcoming along with their delicious food. Planning for holiday tours in morocco? Marrakech is the place to be because of these experiences:

The best orange juice of your life

The Moroccan oranges are famous all over the world. You can get them at Djemaa-El-Fnaa, Marrakech‘s central square. There are many vendors at the place who will be offering these juices. A glass of orange juice costs 5–10 dhirams which is approximately 1–2 dollars.

Stay in Riad

The numbers of hotels are increasing day by day in Marrakech and that is due to the fact that it is becoming a popular tourist destination. That is why checking into a Riad is a popular option. Once you are at this place you become familiarize with the culture of Morocco. Expect walls with decorated with traditional rugs. There are shelves which enhance the look of ethnic glassware. The best part of staying in a Riad is that it is easily available in your budget.

Take a Caleche Ride

Marrakech is surrounded by drivers who constantly pursuit tourists to take a ride on their horse drawn carriage. Bargain and settle on a price before hand. This ride may be a bit different but it guarantees all the joy.

Unwind at the Menera gardens

Take a Caleche ride from Djemaa-El-Fnaa to the Menera gardens. Located at the west side of the city, they are at the foothills of Atlas Mountains. This artificial lake is surrounded by fruit orchards and olive groves.

Have a glass of mint tea

If all the sightseeing has made you tired, Marrakech has the perfect solution for you. You can visit one of the roof top cafes located Djemaa-El-Fnaa and enjoy the finest mint tea and enjoy the aromas from the market below.

Binge on Street Food

If you are at Marrakech then food is the biggest highlight for you. Various dishes like kebabs, herira soup, tagine and couscous are available at local restaurants which will make your mouth go watery.

The Djemaa-El-Fnaa will transform into a food market every night. Dozens of stalls spread out over the central square to offer various delicacies to the customers.