How to protect yourself from predatory towing?

What is predatory towing?

The term predatory towing refers to arrangements made by some of the private property owners with towing companies to tow vehicles as soon as possible. Once the car has been towed the owner of the vehicle will then have to pay for the towing, storage and most of the time the fees as well.

While the towing companies are permitted to take away illegally parked vehicles from both public and private places, however, would cost the towing company major losses if taking away a legally parked vehicle. This could even lead them to jail. Usually, passerby’s or any property owner can inform the local towing company regarding the vehicle parked illegally however, the towing company has to find whether the vehicle is actually parked illegally or not.

Is predatory towing legal?

Accidental towing of a vehicle that is parked legally is not very common. However, most of the towing companies should be aware of the legal and illegal parking. In some circumstances the owner of the vehicle will reach the towing company and pay huge fees and other charges in order to get his or her vehicle back. There have been instances in the past where the towing company picks up the vehicle even after the knowledge of the vehicle being legally parked. This is usually done by them in order to gain huge fees from the owner. The ones that are proven to be guilty may be found guilty in theft and extortion.

It is imperative that the towing companies act only when a private property owner or the government/ council informs them to do so. This also means that the towing company cannot act outside the demands of the government/council and the private property owners.

The importance of appropriate information

The owners of the impounded vehicle will blame anyone or anything else that may responsible for the illegal parking act. They usually tag the towing company with a predatory towing especially in cases where the spotter is not known. Predatory towing is legal however if a towing company like 24 hour towing in Thurgoona ensure that the car is taken care of like their own and help the vehicle owner reclaim their vehicle without any issues or hindrances then the entire procedure turns out to be easy and convenient.

Tip no 1

There have been a number of laws that have been changed only for the protection of the consumers. Thus, it is imperative that when your vehicle is towed and you feel that it has been done incorrectly or on purpose consider looking at the local law. Look at the local towing laws if they have been violated. One of the laws states that if you come back while the vehicle is in the process of getting towed you may get your vehicle back without any conditions.

Tip no 2

The other tip includes looking at the surrounding area where your vehicle was parked. Take pictures of any signs that indicate that it was OK for you to park your vehicle there. These pictures will prove to be quite informative when you want to legally challenge the towing company on the fees charged.

Summary — Everyone of us may be a victim of predatory towing once thus it is important that you are careful where you park and confident that the place you park is ok to park your vehicle.