Google will pay you without actually working for them

Want to get apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books for free on Google Play? Then it’s time to use the Google Opinion Rewards app, a mobile survey tool that rewards you with cash in your Google account (or Paypal for iTunes/iOS) every time you complete a brief survey.

It is a survey based app. Now, you may be thinking, survey, sure, 10–30 minutes for a $1 or $2. Well first of all the surveys are less than a minute usually and, while there is no advertised upper limit, there was a travel survey that paid $1.75. Now keep in mind, this is not a fly by night publisher. It’s Google. They will not promise you surveys every day, or paying surveys at each chance, but you will be paid, and instantly at that.

Google Opinion Rewards is not limited to Android users. This is, in a word, awesome. You surely have noticed If you own an iPhone/iPad, you cannot access for instance. Android users are paid out instantly, however, on iPhone/iPad, your PayPal account is credited after you reach a $2.00 payout.

So after the setup, which frankly, is extremely simple, you may or may not receive a “test” survey. It will ask you some demographic info; age, sex, location, etc. After that, let the surveys come to you. It is all based on your shopping habits. Mostly, you will get them regarding your travelling shopping, but there has been an occasional online survey and even a You Tube interest or search interest survey. You never know when you may get one. One caveat is to save your receipts. There are some higher paying surveys that will ask you if you want to scan your receipt.

Google is smart by the way. You will get an occasional fake answer in the survey or a totally fake survey where you have to answer “none of the above”. In this case, like mama said, honesty is the best policy. Google credits expire in one year from date of reward. If however you are like me, you may spend them instantly or wait for a threshold.

Since November 28th, 2017, I have earned almost $104.00. (see the attached picture) I have bought the usual apps, and their respective in-app purchases, but have also become more educated with literary works of Stephen Hawking and Confucius as well as many albums and single songs. The coup de gras however is that i now own my favorite movie; Sgt York with Gary Cooper.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android | iPhone. No matter what platform you are on, do not forget to enable location services with high accuracy. This uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to establish your location. For that reason, a WiFi only device will not work.