Kingston; the King of storage and security

Andrew R. Weiner
Jan 23 · 3 min read

Storage, thumb drives, USB hubs, they are all a dime a dozen. Every storage company claims to have the best technology. Luckily, this world has a company called Kingston, which is the company who can back up the claim of the best.

On my previous column, Kingston was a regular feature. Recently, I was able to review here, the IronKey and Data Traveler flash drives which are always highly rated.

Recently I got a hold of two new offerings from Kingston;

· The Bolt Duo

· The Nucleum

So, you have the newest of the best from Apple in the form of an iPhone and/or iPad. They are your go to portable devices that can do anything. Being able to do anything, requires storage space. Even at the highest storage options of 1Tb for the iPad Pro models (which come at a whopping premium of over $1,500) and the 512Gb of the iPhone for $1,449, the storage is not endless.

Entrée, the Data Traveler Bolt Duo. This is a device that will automatically or selectively, back up your iPad/iPhone. At each backup, it will ask if you want the items deleted or left on the device. In turn, the other end is a USB connector which will connect for viewing or transferring data to a PC. They come in 32gb, 64Gb, all the way up to 128Gb. Imagine the possibilities of having more space available on your iDevice(s) The one feature that distinguishes the Bolt Duo from other like devices, is that you no longer need to worry about storage when shooting a video or taking pictures. You can set it up to shoot right to the Bolt Duo. This, is a game changer. The 64 Gb was tested here on an iPhone 8 plus and an iPad 5th gen (both on iOS 12.x. It set up separate folders for both devices. Then, to prove, The Bolt Duo was able to interface with a Laptop on Window 10 and a Linux PC on Linux Mint. Mac OS compatibility is assumed. Like a stock broker may say, this is a must buy.

Kingston’s tag line for the next product, the Nucleum is “one Hub to Rule them all”. Mine is simpler all be it longer; The only hub you will need.

The Nucleum, will satisfy the “hub” needs of anyone. It is a 7 port hub with a USB “C” input to your pc or mobile device. The ports include;

· 1 HDMI

· 2 USB A Ports

· 2 USB C Ports

· 1 SD card slot

· 1 Micro SD Slot

So, as you can see, Kingston has you covered. It’s connection (to the pc or mobile device) is a USB “C” connection. If you have the earlier USB ports on your computer, fear not. You can still utilize this amazing device by purchasing a USB C Female to USB Male adaptor. There are plenty on Amazon. This was tested on a Windows 10 laptop with the adaptor, as well as a MacBook Pro with a USB “C” connector. There were absolutely NO speed of transfer differences. At time of testing, all ports except the HDMI were utilized without any effect on rate of transfer.

Learn more about these two products, as well as the entire Kingston line at

The Kingston Data Traveler Bolt Duo (Top) And The Nucleum (Bottom)

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