The Linx Eden; Vaping paradise in the palm of your hand

Andrew R. Weiner
Jun 29, 2019 · 3 min read

The Garden of Eden is the biblical earthly paradise created by God. The Eden vaporizer from Linx, is, at that this point, the closest thing you can get to paradise in vaping. It’s truly mind boggling how quickly technology has advanced over the past few years. The cannabis and vaporizer industry are true examples of that. With smart phone integration that and conduction and convection heating this, I’ve felt a bit bombarded and at a loss at where to even start when it came to my search for a dry herb vaporizer.

While I truly admire how quickly technology has progressed, sometimes what I’m truly looking for is simplicity. A product that offers tech forward features at an affordable price. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Fortunately, I’ve finally found it. Linx Vapor is about to shake up the market with their latest dry herb vaporizer, the Linx Eden.

This nifty little device is made out of a solid steel finish that is not only easy on the eye, but serves its own purpose. Like the rest of the Linx line, the Eden is not made with any plastics or nasty chemicals like glues or paints. This is something I can appreciate because unfortunately that’s all I’ve been seeing in my search for my newest dry herb vaporizer. As a side bar here, the Eden was tested with CBD flower from Terp Nation.

While looks are one thing, its what’s under the hood here that really makes this vaporizer stand out.

The Eden’s atomizer is composed of something called “convection heating.” But what does that really mean?

After doing some research, what convection heating really boils down to is the science of heating elements with a direct and steady stream of heat, as opposed to conduction which basically directly heats or “burns” the contents of the atomizer.

While many devices or companies out there claim to use truly “convection” heating, the Eden seems to be one of the only vaporizers that used a true convection heating system. Pair that with a pure quartz chamber and you’ve got some of the purest flavor I’ve ever experienced. Seriously. You’ve got to give this thing a rip for yourself to truly experience the flavor for yourself.
As an added bonus, the Eden can even be used with concentrates at the same time thanks to the included “Lava Plates,” steels pads that make dual usage a breeze.

The added silicone sleeve is a nice touch as well. The Eden does get a bit hot to the touch with normal use due to the fact that there is no silica gel insulation (goes back to the no harmful chemicals factor discussed above,) but the sleeve does a great job at curving that!

That being said, the Linx Eden is the best convection vaporizer on the market for under $100.

Learn more about the Linx Eden, and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Also, if crumbles and extracts are your thing, take a look back at the earlier article on The Linx Blaze.

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