Something New for Someone Getting Older

So here in the month of June, I find myself teeing up on the backside of life, as I turn 40. It’s messing with me. I’m reflecting, trying to connect dots, thinking about where I’ve been, where I’m going, and how I might go about getting there.

One of the things I’ve always had a seemingly hopeless fascination with, is learning to play the drums. I’ve always considered it a rather neat idea, and then left it at that. I’ve always enjoyed watching people play, and the central role that the drums play in all of music, the heartbeat; it’s where the cadance lives and pounds.

So, just yesterday, I received a practice pad and sticks in the mail; thank you Amazon. I’ve been eating my own dog food by spinning up a learning network around the question, “what does it mean to start learning the drums?”

I’ve talked to some friends at a music store in Kent, I’ve been all over Youtube and Reddit, and the most common suggestion is to start with timing and rudiments, thus the practice pad and sticks. I say most common, because I’ve received every kind of suggestion, each one conflicting almost entirely with another. It’s like walking into a convention hall full of doctors and asking if eggs are bad for us.

Here’s one of the premier videos I’ve been checking out, beyond the ones that gave me 50 different (and “best”) ways in which to hold the damn sticks:

At least it gives me something to aspire to, as with my complete lack of experience, this guy may as well be converting water into something we could all have fun with at a party. Perhaps as I get some time of my own under my belt, I’ll post a video here; mostly because I like to make people laugh.

Also, if anyone is reading this, and you even think you know what the hell you’re doing when it comes to playing drums, I’m always in the market for advice.

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