Yeah I think Black people should be paid for their labor
Marcus H. Johnson

No one is arguing this! Quit trying to change the narrative to “omg racism!” This is what lost Hillary the election: people see right through your game.

Nobody is arguing that Obama shouldn’t be paid for his speeches because he is black… they’re arguing he shouldn’t be doing $400,000.00 speeches for Wall Street because he used to be the President of the United States and claimed to be a progressive icon when really he was just the first black neoliberal president.

The argument is the same one that was made against Hillary: it’s not wrong because she’s a woman, it’s wrong because it’s a revolving door of making a profit off of your time in government. It looks like a payoff.

This is why you and the Democrats will continue to lose: you are spineless. When it comes to corporatism and corruption, there is no difference between a Democrat and a Republican. So why should people vote for the Democrat? At least Republicans don’t hide the fact that they just want to give money to themselves and their friends.

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