Andrew Schechinger discuss Some Common Eye Problem

There are numbers of people who are suffering from many kinds of eye disease. Here Andrew Schechinger wants to give you some important information about eye problems.

1. Presbyopia
It is a very common eye disease in which people don’t able to see closer object and small print clearly.

2. Dry Eyes
Now a day we can Ofen see this problem in many people, Acually dry eyes is not good if feel dry eyes consult with your doctor immediately. It is due to our tear glands. When tear Glands not working properly, then we feel Dry Eyes problem.

3. Regular Tearing 
Regular tearing is not good for a healthy eye. Protect your eyes from direct sunlight, wind and temperature. Make a habit to use best sunglasses. If you feel this problem that means its time for a proper eye checkup.

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