Co-written by Jose Banuelos and Andrew Cuevas

In this article, we want to share what we’ve learned from our Design Thinking Project during our design internship at IBM. We were tasked with researching and generating solutions for Unified Governance & Integration (UG&I) to improve the way they manage and document complex UX patterns. In product design, complex UX patterns are solutions that designers reuse to solve common usability problems. They are composed of multiple UX elements that are put together in order for the user to complete a specific task.

With that said, our research focused on this big question:

Co-written by Jose Banuelos and Andrew Cuevas

We first encountered IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking while working on our BFA in Communication Design at Texas State University. The AIGA Texas State Student Chapter hosted a design thinking workshop with IBM Design. Soon after, our interactive media professor started implementing methods from the IBM Design Thinking Field Guide into the research phase of our projects. We also had the opportunity to hear from three designers working on the IBM Watson Health team to speak about what they do and give us feedback based on how they approach design. …

Andrew Cuevas

UX Designer at IBM

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