Architecting is NOT the same thing as building, and while it may sometimes mean designing, based on…

Sorry, but your dismissive description does not fit. I have been a developer for over 20 years, and there is NO difference between “architecting” and building and/or designing. it is a foolish word, and your description shows no real difference between these common words and the awful neologism.

But please, how, precisely, does “architecting” differ from designing or building or building and designing? I have never seen it used by anyone to mean anything other than one or the other or both.

And it is not always “coding” as administrators use it also, to mean, well… building or designing. As I said, a needless neologism.

So, I say I am “architecting an application to do” whatever… or I am designing and developing/coding/building/etc, exactly where do the two differ? Your description did not really show any difference. Lots of words, but no real difference.

I know, I know, people love to say there is a difference, I was a pariah on slashdot for daring to say this before, but I cannot see any difference.

Perhaps I should say, since you insist on the coding version, no difference between designing and coding. I used “building” as I hear it more from admins rather than coders, and so think of “build”, but if you insist, how does it differ from design and/or code?