Denmark’s F-35 Decision Is Pretty Dumb
War Is Boring

At this point is it fair to assume David Axe is pay to play with F-35 opponents? Every F-35A KPP has been hit, as predicted by third party analysis, with the exception of about a degree of bank in level turn, which given the kinematics of modern AAM, SAM and super-cruise, is insignificant modern air combat. In strike the F-35A has longer legs and more ordinance than a similarly loaded up F/A-18 or F/A-16 mentioned in David’s non-analysis.

Until F/A-XX there is NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE in to the F-35A besides 4th/4.5th generation platforms which are pareto outclassed by 5th gen platforms (F-35 included) and modern IADS.

Axe’s anti-F-35 proselytizing, whether complicit with a particular defense contractor or not, is purely political gamesmanship to divert scarce defense resources into platforms and weapons which will not persist past day one in a shooting war with a peer opponent due to even incremental improvements to modern weapon systems.

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