Dear GOP: first he came for the Mexicans…

Dear GOP,

First he came for the Mexicans and you did nothing because you were not Mexican. then he came for the Muslims. and you did nothing because you were not Muslim. Then he went for the refugees, and you did nothing because you are not refugees. Then he mocked women again and again and again, and you did nothing because your policies are all about supporting a war on women.

Then he went after POWs and you did nothing because despite your jingoism, you were intimidated by someone who seemed more “manly” and “higher energy” than you.

then you heard about how he’s a rapist and you did nothing because a lot of your best friends are rapists, no one was going to really be able to prove it, and a lot of your policies support a culture of rape.

Then he vindictively mocked someone with a disability and you did nothing because you are not disabled. Then you watched him transform political discourse into being about the size of his fingers and genitals and you did nothing because you….beats the heck out of me.

then you watched, amazingly, you just watched the American Nazi Party and the KKK support him and you did nothing because you’ve built an entire party on racially charged epithets ever since the “Southern Strategy.” Then you listened to him claim that climate change was a hoax invented by China and you were okay with that because you believe that the greatest existential threat to humanity (climate change) would threaten your oil interests.

then he mocked the “poorly educated” and you did nothing because you went to good schools. Then he exploited the insecurities of working class white men and you did nothing because exploiting the fear of whites with little money and a lot of fear; fear for their futures and their families….that’s your bread and butter. Then he made fun of Jews as “greedy” and you did nothing because you think Jews are greedy. Then he bragged that he could just shoot someone on 5th avenue and you did nothing because your policies support gun violence. then he asked his supporters to kill Hillary Clinton. And you did nothing because you’ve spent 25 years trying to destroy Hillary Clinton. Then he made fun of black people and you did nothing because you don’t like black people. Then he went after Black Lives Matter and you did nothing because you don’t believe that they do.

Then he talked excitedly about using nuclear weapons and you did nothing because your moral and military incompetence has been more than apparent for decades but especially since the illegal invasion of Iraq. Then he embraced the dictator of Russia who has killed countless dissidents and you did nothing because you weren’t a Russian dissident.

Then he went after a Gold Star family who lost their son and you did nothing because contrary to your jingoism, your policies have shown contempt for first responders and veterans. Then he went after a former model and you did nothing because again: women — you unconsciously hate them. then you find out he doesn’t pay taxes, and you did nothing because you don’t believe rich people should pay taxes.

now a tape has emerged where he brags about how he’s essentially a rapist. and the tape has been the last straw with the House of Cards falling down. And now you want to claim that you wish you knew?! you knew all along. you were part of this. since Gingrich in 1994 (and let’s be honest: before that): you have race baited, you’ve declared a war on women, a war on the poor, a war on addicts, a war on the mentally ill, a war on our Earth. A war on all of us. you cannot run from this. you cannot hide from this. we want you out. your whole party is the party of Trump. you will now know what it’s like to be one of the countless people who invested in this asshole and went bankrupt. but you, you all went bankrupt a long time ago: morally, intellectually, bankrupt.

Oh and Rudy, Christie, “Mister” Ailes, and Newt: y’all are bastards and you built this stinking ship with him. Ailes: you’ve raped more women than Cosby. Why are you not in jail? Rudy and Christie: you have made 9/11 your favorite day because it’s the day you get to play superhero even though you actually don’t do any thing for first responders. And Mr. Newt, oh Mr. Gingrich: you set this whole shit show in motion with your Contract With America in 1994. You led a “witch hunt” against Bill Clinton’s affairs while you were having affairs. Your contract made your party bankrupt in every way. And all you little white frat boys have all supported Biff Tannen meets Hitler as you’ve charged around like you own the place. The only thing you own is your insecure crappy self-esteems. Get out. Get out. Just get out.

We don’t want you here. We don’t want you near our men, our women, our children. We don’t want any of you near us ever again. Go to jail where you’ve unjustly sent so many young black men. Go. Go. You almost gave us a Hitler for a president. You have dehumanized our people. You have made a mockery of our potential. Now we will take your shit and turn into it fertilizer and we will be free at last. But you boys have been very very bad. So go. America can rise with it’s newcomers, Indigenous people, and descendants of slaves…all who will lead this “great unfinished symphony….a place where even orphan immigrants can leave their finger prints and RISE UP.”

and that’s what we are doing. We are rising up. We are hearing the people sing. And one of our songs is “nah nah nah. nah nah nah. hey hey hey. goodbye!”

And hello to a new day! YES WE CAN be STRONGER TOGETHER.