The Opportunity of “Fringe” Markets
Christian Hernandez

Great post Christian. Agree with the main point that fringe markets represent huge untapped opportunities for investors and companies alike .

What’s most intriguing for me, as someone who works in consumer tech, is how the impact of ‘mobile only’ companies and ecosystems in Asia and elsewhere will be felt back in the West. We’ve seen some initial signs of this with Facebook effectively adopting Wechat’s business model, but will we see a company from outside Western Europe and N. America successfully disrupt the incumbents in those markets, and if so, when? Or are the major players already so dominant that we will only see them adopt / co-opt ideas from outside their markets and make them relevant for their faithful followers? Personally speaking, having spent ten years living in Asia, I would love to see start ups from there successfully enter into and disrupt Western markets, forcing the established players to continually up their game — all to the benefit of the end consumer.