Facebook/ Networking

Facebook and Networking

Running a business today is a lot different then it was a decade ago. As we move into the modern age we are constantly looking for new ways to network and to improve our presence through out the business world. As business expand and people are more on the go we sometimes forget the roots of how the simple things we do in life became about. When the internet was brought about in the late 1980’s we did not have a full understanding as to what this service was. Social media has turned our society into something that the generation that is here now would of never realized this is a way into the future. The tech companys are in heaven and are trying to compete with one another. The demad is to big and everyone wants different things from technology.

With almost every problem there is a solution with our electronic devices. Starting with the launch of the original iphone back in 2007 this opened the doors to making products that were quote “smart” devices. These devices have opened so many possobilitys. We have instant access to almost any information that we need. We have become spoiled by the instant access it makes us lazy. Our parents and grandparents has to go and research infromation and it was time consuming. We have information at the click of a button. This information is not always accurate. As librays have seen the change it hurts them as the internet and e books are what most people are using. Bookstores are also going out of business for that exact same reason.

Most people did not have their own computer or if they did it was a big machine. As we have moved passed that era and moved into the 21st century we have completely changed the way we have a conversation with people. With the start of Facebook at the turn of the decade this was a way for people who have not interacted with each other in a very long time to stay in touch. When Facebook was first adopted it was not very popular among younger people. As Facebook grew to be one of the largest company's in the world, a lot of company's have adopted similar types of social media such as snap chat, Instagram , twitter which all have their characteristics and interesting ways of communicating with each other. Facebook is a great tool now for keeping marketing up to date for business and peoples personal life. We all have adopted social media in our lives as part of what the world has become.

If we look at the way that relatiopnships are started, most of the time they are from social media or an online dating site. Meeting up in person or the old fashion way is becoming less common. As people are togeather they are focused on their socail media vs the person that they are with. Relationships that end in marrage are successful. However there is still some aprehension when it comes to online dating. Online dating with younger and older people have snowballed into an entire indusrty of options for people.

Lets evaluate our business we have millions of company’s all of which are trying to sell people something or try to provide a service to people. In a market where the business has a lot of competition. Company’s can’t afford to let business go away so they are constantly thinking of ways to improve and network what they have to offer. Social Media has made networking very easy for comapny’s to get there name out there to the world. As the market continues to grow and technology continutes to improve this new era has made life easier as businees that have operated a certain way before can’t operate the same way now as the social media has forced them to change their ways. The hardest part is getting people especially older people to adapt to the new ways. Sometimes that even means forcing the people who wont change into retirement. This will help the company move foward to accomplish their goals and be successful.