Video games can have both a positive and a negative effect on a child’s development

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In a world populated by the domineering presence of media and technology, video games have become something that many of today’s youth have become indulged in within the 21st century. Even those who don’t play video games frequently at least have some ties and associations with the video gaming world and its community (myself included).

Recent statistics have reported that at least 64% of adults and 74% of under 18’s in the US play video games and statistics for the UK show this to be the case for 85% of under 35’s.

Reasons why Psychology is just as much a science as any of the natural sciences

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When most of us hear the word “science” we tend to think about the more natural sciences such as chemistry, physics, biology, astrology and so on. However, the social sciences like psychology very rarely spring to most people’s mind because there is little connotation between science and human behaviour.

This has lead to many people claiming that psychology isn’t really all that much of a science, leaving some students questioning its scientific status. However, there really shouldn’t be any confusion here because according to the…

There are five key habits all writers must implement into their daily writing routine to enhance their writing skills

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Writing is an intense mental exercise that many writers enjoy doing yet still find very hard to get started on or finish. Luckily, most writers have a vast amount of flexibility in terms of time, meaning they can write whenever they want at whatever time suits them. However, with that flexibility comes a temptation to procrastinate and put themselves off from beginning to write that next piece or finish writing that last paragraph of their story. …

The new digital world of social interaction is in many ways ruining our mental health and inhibiting our potential for personal growth

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As social media and digital communications have advanced over the last few decades, they have inevitability shaped the way in which we live our social lives today. Many people living right now, including myself, can still recall the days when the first mobile phones at hand were pay as you go phones, and these could only really be used for important phone calls and text messages.

Although it was possible to use the internet on them, you would still rack up a huge bill if you did. In the early days of social media, the internet was only really accessible…

How the voices of brave and heroic individual women brought Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein’s successful careers and livelihoods spiralling downwards

The idea of speaking out against someone who has sexually abused you in any shape or form is a phenomenon that has become increasingly more common in the modern world of criminal justice. In this day and age, victims of such horrific sex crimes are now being encouraged more than ever before to speak out against their abusers.

In some of the most popular rape trials such as the cases of Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein, there is a clear pattern of trend in victim testimony which shows that if one victim speaks out against their attacker, then…

Psychology can help explain why the Jews and the communists were blamed for Germany’s economic recession after world war one.

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Hitler’s mass murder and massacre of millions of Jews and communists in concentration camps is a familiar story to all. History is filled with many examples of wrongful blame and finger pointing towards certain groups in the face of social, economic and political turmoil.

However, many historians and psychologists have found the reasons for assigning blame and responsibility to Jews and communists for Germany’s economic troubles during and after the First World War to be a rather serious and complicated issue that could only be understood at the time. …

How well did this film do in portraying the science of memory loss?

Losing memory can be emotionally challenging for both the person who loses their memory and their loved ones. Not being able to remember some of life’s most special and precious moments is a really hard pill for many amnesiac sufferers to swallow.

The devastating reality of memory loss was something that was at the core of the popular 2004 Hollywood Romantic Comedy, 50 First Dates. In the film, a girl named Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, was involved in a serious car crash that caused serious damage to her brain and she was no longer able to form…

Learning about child psychology can help teachers to better manage challenging students and improve their learning experience

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School is not just a place where children go to become intellectually gifted through subjects like maths, art and science. It is also a place where they go to learn new skills and develop their existing qualities, which can serve them well in their personal growth and development of wellbeing. However, this is only possible with good teachers who are dedicated and able to help their students achieve this and learning about child psychology can make this possible for five reasons.

1. It can help teachers tackle the root causes of behaviour

Think about a piece of weed that grows…

How cycling can improve your mental health and make you a happier soul

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Many people will happily speak of how cycling can improve our physical health by reducing obesity, building leg muscles, and improving cardio-vascular systems which decreases the likelihood of developing heart problems. However, it is very rarely mentioned how cycling can actually help to boost your mental health and how the experience of riding can bring so much joy into your day. Cycling has six ways of doing this for you:

1. Cycling Gets you Outside

Everyone knows how important it is to be able to get outside the house from time to time and indulge in the fresh air. Cycling…

Psychologists have shown that video chats are much better for your mental health than phone calls

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Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), we are currently living in a period right now where more and more people are using their electronic devices to communicate with family, friends and co-workers to maintain social distancing. Families and friends have been using live video chatting apps such as Facetime and Skype as a remote way to socialise and spend time with each other. Also, many people are currently working from home and using other video chatting apps like zoom to host meetings and conferences with colleagues. …

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