The Two Types Of Sorrow

One is pure, honest and the most beautiful thing in the world. The other is tragic.

We all suffer. We all experience hardships and times where we feel like our carefully constructed world is falling to pieces around us. We all cry, if not outwardly, then inside. We accrue our emotional scars and continue to pick at them, compulsively.

We feel sorrow.

It is at this juncture that the two different types of sorrow emerge and are expressed: artistic sorrow and pitiful sorrow. The good and the bad.

Artistic sorrow is majestic, graceful and conscious. Pitiful sorrow is unproductive, burdensome and unconscious.

Sorrow brings color to our lives. Feeling something in the deepest parts of our being is a characterization of what it truly means to be “here”. When you notice your sorrow you can feel it, express it and let it go. Artistic sorrow expresses itself in song, stage and screen. It captivates us.

The power of artistic sorrow connects us to other human beings through the power of empathy. We idolize artists and musicians because they are the ones that have learned to bring their sorrow to the world. They have transformed their sorrow into joyous expression. If we have not learned how to do that for ourselves, we envy, admire and can even come to worship that superpower.

We are awakened by a tearful song that allows us to cry. Another person consciously embracing their sorrow allows us to embrace our own. For a brief moment, we embrace our own vulnerabilities.

As artists we learn to embrace our vulnerability, it is a superpower. We learn to notice our sorrow. We don’t pitifully hold it in, though. We express it, powerfully. We allow our sorrow go out into the universe in joyous eruption.

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