Don’t Tell Me I Look Pretty
Mary Lucus-Flannery

I do not believe, even for a minute, that telling a woman she looks cute today is indicative that women are only valued for their appearances in this (or any) society. And, if you think this is only the rule for women, think again — in fact, men fight this battle as well. I know very well that if I had been a better looking man (in terms of the common perception of looks), my life would have been a lot easier. However, if you talk to really good looking people, what you find out is that life is not a bowl of cherries for them either, as they have a very hard time being taken seriously or being valued for anything other than their looks. We live in a society with seriously messed up priorities, we all know that. If you go to the trouble of making yourself as attractive as you can be, then be prepared to accept compliments on that fact.

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