In Praise of Barber Shops

Men! Listen to me and I will tell you a truth: the idea that pampering oneself is unamanly is — how shall I say this — stupid.

From the time I hit puberty until now I have wanted to have a beard. Beards can be trimmed and look very nice. My problem? I grow a scraggly, nasty, patchy beards. The hair was already too long to use one of the $13.00 a pack of three razors so instead of wasting one I went to the barbershop and got myself a shave.

First is the cool towel followed almost immediately by a very warm towel that covers your entire face. Oh, talk about relaxing! As I sat in the chair one thought went through my head, ‘this must be what a spa day is like.’ I went in for the shave feeling the pressure of homework not done (read mountains of reading), by the time I got out of the chair I felt like the king of the world.

Check out this video of a straight razor shave done be professional barber. Yes, the barber is a woman. So was mine, big deal! If you watch the video imagine yourself in the chair and how wonderful it feels to have someone else do this drudge of a task for you.

Now visit the site Classic Shaving for information about doing this yourself. It even has videos. Why do it yourself when someone else can pamper you?

Perhaps the machismo factor gets in the way, or the “I don’t need none of that stuff” attitude prevents you or flat out pride. No matter what your reason, it is wrong!

You do pay for this luxury. My shave cost $20.00, and I added a $10.00 tip just for the expeience. She did not knick or cut me, did not try to make me talk (who wants to talk when someone has a straight razor on your throat), and she did not, not, not, understand why men have forgotten what once was the daily experience of thousands of men: going to the barber for your daily freshen up.

If you decide that taking the time to pamper yourself and relax is not worth it, then you may buy your own kits. They offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Go for the beginner.

Every town has a barbershop. Some still do shaves. If you go to a Salon you will not get the straight blade shave, and how many salons have you sat while waiting to have your hair cut as your senses are assualted by the smell of hair coloring and perms?

In a manner of speaking this is a good way to reclaim your masculine rights. Just because a barber is a woman means nothing. She is just as highly trained as a male barber. So do yourself a favor, go find a place in your town that does shaves, and make an appointment. Be prepared for a few minutes of blissed out peace.

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