When this all started, this transformation, I never knew that I would be here. I never knew that anyone, people others see as important, would even come to know who I am. What I’m doing or have done, even what I dreamed today, most of the time they just happen and others find, sometimes, out about it later.

When I saw the trailer for a remake I laughed. By this time I was pretty certain that things were happening in sync with things I was saying, trying to do or going to do. Horns, I knew for sure how so many people really felt about who I was at that point yet I still laughed. Sure, I thought, if you had really known me a couple years ago, a decade ago for sure, I would horns would have been perfect. But know? Please, give me fucking hallow.

Movies have always been a source of knowledge and understanding to me, they taught me things that the people around me weren’t. Seeing you grow up, seeing everyone in that saga grow up was incredible and I use to just think about what I would be like to go through things just like that. Magic, I never really thought or sold out in it being real, I couldn’t. Yet living and growing up with people in a private school, fighting these evil and dark things along with all of the other adventures that took place, I saw, and now I live.

You grow up and you just think that things will be normal, I did, like everyone else. As this journey started things changed, fast. A year and a half ago I’m a guy preaching at drug addicts message of hope and encouragement, how I could overcome and so could they. That my life was fucking hard and for them to just sit there and give up was pathetic, then it slowly transitioned into politics.

They became my focus, some hopeful and optimistic side of me thought that I could have a voice that would be heard and help change things. I told my story, I spoke with passion and with conviction about my life, change and pushing forward so America could be a happy place. So that we could come out of our own selves and have compassion for one another, it was for the many young people I was meeting that were like I use to be, convicts.

I couldn’t understand why you, why you choose or were cast for this part but I smiled. I had never thought of remaking the movie, so I’d never thought of casting this or that person for it. However, I could see based on what I knew about the first movie how you would fit well. I just wanted to know why though, why was this all happening and how did I, even as a boy think highly of you and some of those other people who are getting on board with a better day, a better World for everybody.

Strong, independent, caring, eager, adventurous, brave, outspoken there is more I’m sure but one can only know so much from seeing.

This would be so much better in person, I’m working on that.

Flowers bloom in the spring, the fall in the fall so they can sleep in the winter. We have been asleep, everyone has been since the cold has come and when the spring gets here I hope that peace will come. You see, to even see you standing so strong, so brave and empowered is great but at the same time is it wrong to worry even about a stranger. It is you, it is many of you because to me all I wanted to do was just make things better and the problem, like many times before, is that not everyone wants that it seems.

What is fighting good for? Most people that are asking and seeking this fight have never fought before in their lives, they haven’t ever felt the physical pain, they haven’t seen hundreds of people beating the shit out of one another. A smart General fights when they have to, the rest they do diplomatically and with negotiations. Why? Because Generals that love fighting have no army, they have no one willing to fight because that General always gets people killed. Great Generals come when they are needed, they have sat back and watched things, they see it all and they understand that war must happen.

Your a big girl, this must not happen but it can. If it happens it happens because they choose it to happen but the reality is that it never had to. People can forgive, they can forget and they can accept the past and move on. Those who are guilty, they can learn to have compassion and empathy, victims can learn to move on and accept that empathy, to accept that people are trying to give forgiveness. I want you to accept that, to be that compassion, that voice of forgiveness for the people who are not displaying that.

As I walk and talk to the people, that anger in them I have to wear that and accept that. Why? Because they never forgave when they could have but at the same time, my people never said they were sorry. Never stopped treating people differently and so I wear that. The pain, the anger the fighting, the threats, all of that comes not because I am their to harm them but because other people did.

Its hard to just look past the physical beauty of a person but once you can see the beauty underneath, the physical is boring. This movie is great because it explains that profound point that so many people are missing in life and that's to look below the skin, below the past and see the good in the beast. I stopped caring a long time ago if people cared, it was never those things that bothered me or had me having a hard time caring about myself. Part of it played into that but more importantly it was those who are suppose to love you that never did, parents, counselors and social workers. To look below a human being and begin to see more then what is attractive, what is appealing to them. To do this is the most beautiful thing that I was able to see about you even as a young woman, that you looked beyond.

Look beyond all of this, you speak that you mind is yours, that it can’t be controlled or twisted. Then I challenge you, accepted or not, to seek the truth for yourself. Take your books, your adventure and travel to where you can be used respected more then you could probably even see right now. I will be there, you will find me among the young boys, the teachers of old, the chess players, among the vast and expanse gardens. For peace is greater then war and when I come back to America I will bring with me more peace, more hope and more greatness, I hope you will come and speak not just with me but the young woman fathers I speak with. Encourage them, teach teach them and love them.

I think, if I’m correct, I can find you first. I really do like trains.

Your beauty isn’t you. The intellect, fun and encouraging air that flows through you is your beauty. That interest in fixing, in changing and creating, that’s what is more incredible about you than anything else. The rest, bonus points, whats inside is electric. From one station to the next.

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