Black White What?

Growing up as a young white boy on the west side of Columbus I was going to be subjected to many things, racism and white power being one of them. A father, strong racist but hardly remembered, was apart of AB once he headed off to prison. Years later sitting in a tattoo parlor he smiles as a lightening bolt is painted into his skin. The future for me was to be just like that, I wasn’t certain of it as a young boy but as I became older it became relevant.

Children see color but they have no feelings towards it, they do not think I am better or I am more beautiful. They see clearly that this other child of another race in front of me is like me, a boy or girl. I would venture to say that even as young boys and girls age they hardly recognize and care about the sex of a person. In this as a young boy, I wasn’t racist nor did I care about the sex of a person, it was about playing in the street and being wild. I was wild.

Years pass as I am transferred from place to place, home to home and eventually stuck in a orphanage. Similar to dog shelters, the last stop before a dog is dismissed is the pound. The same principal apply for people, stats show that once you hit a certain age and wind up in an orphanage then you are there till you phase out. Meaning you turn 18 and are considered an adult, then you are kicked out and its up to you to survive. Best case you have a great social worker and live in a City that cares about young people like that but the reality is that there aren’t any right now. Defend all you want, I know the truth hurts.

Even years after this shelter and being fortunate enough to have been adopted I still find myself out of touch with the differences among race. Some would say and I’m finding do think I’m for all white people, that I’m a genuine Aryan and my blond hair and blue eyes suits me. I’m not, I actually cant stand white power or any level of superiority among people.

Race is simple to me, Crayola. Their are many colors in the box and all at first are sharp and crisp but they all have the same purpose, to color. People have the same purpose as well, seek and find their purpose. Part of that to me is working to phase away from being an animal as you are instinctual wanting to do. The other part is a part that understands and seeks to be more, the reasoning and motivation behind this differs in people. If you are led by the Spirit, this is also Energy and your Life Force, then you are led by Christ to become Human. If you are not filled and moved from the inside out to do such a thing then you are an imposter. Some call this Wolves or foxes dressed in sheep's clothing.

Reality wise, I feel that if we are going to have an America that is pure and good, better. Its up to the young people of America and not our parents or grandparents. They should help, they should care but not all of them do and wasting time to encourage them to care is impractical now. I feel that those who would care and like to become better, to agree, they would have came already or will come along the way. They are worth it but not worth targeting because seeing is believing, to some not all.

For now. Working together is important and fighting the idea that one race is greater or better then the other is important. Imminent because it is here that our parents and grandparents have failed. It is here that we have to make a stand and its here that we are going to show everyone that were better. The greatest accomplishment we can achieve is to show everyone we were correct and we are right.

You think your white and better? Black and better? If you view your skin color as the reason your better I would seriously consider your internals because your color is only a fraction of who you are. Your blood line and all of those things we can play into who is from what and so on, if you want to keep track of such a thing fine. The best is that Royalty and Pureness doesn’t reside in your blood but in your behavior and your heart. Blacks can be the real Jews, Asians can be the Real Israelite mentioned in the Bible and Whites can be the Gentiles. If you read the Bible it doesn’t say for sure or exactly the answer we are looking for but instead it gives fractions of signs and illustrations.

Why do people care about this? We care because we are raised to care about it in such a way, to feel and think in such a way. This is a challenge to not think that way and if you want to save yourself then this is the best way to do so. Do not be an imposter or fake about it, be raw and real about it.

In modern America as it is becoming our vision and dream should be to create inclusion and equality among everyone. That the idea of one of us being better doesn’t have anything to do with our color but with our behaviors and accolades. Even then we are one in the same, to build and breed a culture of One is wrong we are all wrong is greater. There were times in American history when our culture were like this, The Great Depression, which brought people together.

Division was still sown there, it was but those many would have never helped, they helped. Unlikely friends were made in those time and in times like these friends can be made. We, really and truly, live in negative times. Times when those who have been elected to led and guide us choose to not guide us correctly all the time. They choose to harbor negative feelings and jab at one another because their prides and egos have been hurt. We look and we can see party fighting party and both willing to do what is bad just so they can reign.

In this we have to conquer. We have to conquer the negatives that we are branded with and even now being manipulated with. To not look to media all the time for answers but to look within. To find that Spirit within us, that Life Force and Energy around us, finding that and asking it. Christ spoke of a relationship with God that no one other then the Prophets and those they appointed could have.

I believe that the answer to this relationship has been lost and even hidden away a times. Taken and covered up so people could have and keep the power to themselves, yet it always finds a way out. We can’t bottle up the Universe and keep it. Look East and find the keys to this relationship in meditation, in yoga, in Qi Gong. All of these speak of opening oneself up to the Spirit so we can feel refreshed and so we can understand more. Some of the wisest people have always succumbed to meditation and thought provoking conversations, digging into things more and more. The truth we seek isn’t always in the media anymore, it is in some but all of them are manipulated and manipulative. It is how we have raised and breed our society, to think that it is “All” good is rather ludicrous. Some is though.

Black or White, a piece of crap is just that. What we do and who we choose to be inside defines us and I believe that we can all be good. We are not all good nor are we born good, this is true. Do Black people have good souls to me, absolutely but I have met some with negative souls as well. Whites, have good souls, absolutely but to me I have met more blacks and Asians with better souls then whites. That was true for me as well and if you asked me to be more honest I would still tell you I have fucked up soul. I just work at it because I don’t like being negative or feeling fucked up as I do, more often these days then before I must say.

To be a good soul is hard. The understanding of how to do it is there and it is easy to gain the understanding. Its, as Japanese behave, a life long journey at mastering something. It should be our goal to master having a good soul, preparing our soul for whatever is to come next. Weather it be Fire or Heaven, weather it be another life or no life, what ever you believe about the after life is up to you. I think a life after this is what we are destined for if our soul is accepted in the after life, to me this is Heaven. If my soul is wrong and negative then the reality is that I will be with other wrong and negative souls.

Think. Here on earth we attract what we want and if we want good then we have good around us. If we want negative then we attract that around us. In some cases you are good and attracting negative people, it is because you are suppose to help them be good. Vice Versa, let them help you be good if you are negative. When it is over it is over, becoming good here grants you the ability to be with Good in the after life so be good.

Ah, for the imposters. You can spend your whole life getting everyone to believe you are good but they do not grant you way to the afterlife. In this, becoming good is better then being good. At the same time there are tons of people like me who know if you are good, who can sense your energy and vibes. You can’t fool everyone.