I’m selling. I have to, its for the best for me. Its selfish, its wrong some would say, it doesn’t accomplish what it could. Its still best for me, its best for some of you and if you come together its best for all of you.

I laid on the floor, only wanting nothing but the clear bag to suffocate my life away. To clear my mind so I can move on, this adventure has taken everything from me, my life and my mind. Wanting to carry on is noble, wanting to end it all is right. Its right for so many levels that I can’t even list them. One way or another jobs are created, millions. Sustainability will be reached and America will have a sure fire way of being what it could be, Great. For everyone.

Selling…Plane ticket to a Mountain High up in Asia is the price. The peace of mind and privacy is more important to me. Right now, our Government is to involved in every ones life, maybe just mine but its still wrong. All for tech but really its all for power, control and profit.

I’m not crazy, not psychotic or nuts or anything. I just understand that the objective was to get what I had. To obtain what one man created in hopes of helping everyone. The reality, its up to everyone to create good. One person can’t change the world, they can’t because that is crazy.

Running, from people and being threatened is a nightmare. Understanding when others are seeking your life because of your views or because of things you have done, most would have done as the rest. In this, I just would like to be left alone. To go about my life simply and quietly as I had before an idea occurred to me, one that many would kill to get there hands on. To me, it was hope and a way to create a better life for people. I did my part my having the idea, by promoting the hope of a better life and to finish my part is to give it up.

What is done with this, what it is used for in America is up to America but it no longer concerns me. I invested to much into this only to be let down, to be pushed further and further. I’m one man, not a great man but a good man I would like to think. In this being good isn’t good enough but it is greater then I had once been.

Money… Burn it, privacy, peace and security means more to me. That you have taken from me, from many others who have become involved as well. I’m leaving, I would encourage them to go as well. America working together and fighting for what is right will save you.

Jesus, never. Save me? He already did.



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