What type of thinker are you?

By Andrew terry
What type of thinker are you if your asking yourself that question take this quick survey. So this a thinking exercise so there is a man named Dave he just moved in next door with his girlfriend Maggie. You invite them over welcoming them to the neighborhood the husband confess to having anger issues an hospitalized a man for it what do you do.

A. Tell them to leave politely

B. Offer support

C. Ask him more about his anger problem

D. Call the police and ask for 24 hour watch

Now that you are done with the survey I will show you the results of you chose option A You are a critical thinker and do a lot of assumptions. If you chose option B you are a supportive thinker who does little assumptions and is ready to offer your support. If you chose option C you are a questionable thinker you want to know things before you start assuming. Finally if you chose option D you are a nervous thinker who acts fast in situations of intimidation. Now the story ends like this Dave says his anger has gotten better and him and Maggie are thinking of having a kid.