Our Nation’s Largest Police Force Lurks in the Shadow of Trump’s Wall
ACLU National

It is becoming woefully transparent that Trump’s pathway to his own SS force is through the ICE department. Similarly, their new VOICE system is literally a propaganda machine. It serves no purpose that isn’t already covered by the justice system. The sole purpose is to signal boost every single crime an immigrant commits, which normal media is already doing quite handily. Their new proposed detention centers will be our new internment camps.

What is beautifully deceptive about this is that similar to Jews, LGBT, and other “undesirables”, he’s starting with the “other” that’s the scapegoat for the current state of affairs. People will shrug off the inhuman treatment of others because they “aren’t here legally”. When he escalates to legal residents it will be because they “aren’t Americans”. This will continue escalating until it becomes first generation Mexican-Americans who “are sympathetic to the cause of illegals”. Slowly but surely he will build our tolerance of inhumane treatment of other people.

We need to stop this. Immediately.

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