Happy Friendship Day Date- Dedicate A Day to Your Friendship with Your Friends

Hey friends, first of all I want to wish you all happy friendship day in advance as it is just arriving in few days. The precise date on which you can celebrate this day is 7th august 2016.

In most of the countries like India, it is celebrate the friendship day on the first Sunday of the August Monday. In the year 2016 friendship day will be celebrated with joy on the first Sunday of the august month that is 7th august 2016 because this month is begin with Monday as the first day. This is going to be very grand day of the month because we all friends come at a distinct place to celebrate and do a grand party with each other with some of the memorizing of the old days. And we should ensure that no body will interpose in buddies on this is the day which is especially dedicated to the friends. Now let’s back to our key topic of discussion in which we get to know on which dates we will celebrate our friendship day in this year as well as in the coming years for which happy friendship day date, you will see that the dates of the friendship day is different in different years.

Now we can get the dates are changing in each year but the month as well as day is not changing as it is depending on the first Sunday of the august month which isn’t hinge on the date of the month. Thus you will see difference in the dates of the month. And also we have very clear now that in the month August of the 2016 we have our grand festival of celebration on the 7th august 2016.

Rendering to me, when I supposed about the personal interest then I in my opinion like this day because this day offers me an opportunity to stay with my friends as well as celebrate with them. We plan for having the food with friends and have some beverages. So people are likening this day for hang out with friends and they are eagerly waiting for the Happy Friendship Day Date.