A thought - We're on the precipice of a dark gamble:

The policies bantied about in bars and over beers will get their chance.

Normally born out of the frustrations of a population suffused in the combination of a lack of education and media reinforced navel-gazing.

Self- interested nationalistic/nativist/protectionist policy which is supposed to make everything better for "real Americans" and abandonment of all the international institutions of which they are part, being merely shams that drain money from the US with no return.

The wager: hard-earned US leadership as the only super-power, in continued creation and direction of international systems of finance, environmental policy, trade, moral leadership, basic civility, etc, etc.

Moreover, in the undercurrent: painting all immigrants and illegals as never-do-wells who sap the precious life-blood from hard working americans with no return to domestic well being.

So very sad to sell these myopic, unachievable promises to those who were denied education by the government that was unable to provide it.

They think this is the path back to a "chicken in every pot". At the very least, they don't even realize it's AI that will take their jobs and not some foreign horde.

It's no coincidence that the previous purveyor of banrupted casinos is making the biggest bet in modern American history. Too bad it's on the credit and futures of people who can't afford it.

Hoping it goes well, and if it craps out, that you wont drag the rest of us down with you.

Although our neighbours have co-opted the word: anybody living in North or South America is an American.