A truly modern challenge to us people living on the bleeding-edge of the next society-wide revolution (In line with the Industrial, Stone-age, etc):

We are living in a time of the least wars, globally, reduction in violent crime and positive indexes across all major criteria for standard of life.

Reconcile with:

We are fed a steady stream of anxiety-causing focus on problems that a generation ago would not have even known existed.

It is the great-unearthing of all the nasty that bubbled under the surface throughout human evolution, and is all being laid bare with a dose of trolling and under-education for seasoning, as the last generations brought up without the internet pass on.

There is no "making anything , again" - the genie's out of the bottle and it's not going back in.

If we can endure, face the ugly underneath all the stones and focus on the good, while the media throw all the horrible in our faces; we might just be alright.

Don't lose hope, and don't ignore: it's our lot to be called to bear witness to one of the biggest societal upheavals in our collective history.

Like watching the last of the Dinosaurs, we may be tragically privileged to watch Trump & Co, who might be the last hurrah of the extremes of a passing generation struggling to cope with a new world.

Also: 42 and wear more hats.