Thank you for sharing this piece, Andrew Markell.
Joe Wheeler

Great questions Joe. I am in the midst of putting together a follow up piece that will outline how to engage the practice of Deliberate Intent.

As a start, simply spend a bit of time paying attention to where you place your thought and experiencing the physical sensation that is connecting to the object of your thought. So, notice what happens to the body when you pay attention to elements in society you are opposed to. Notice what happens when you pay attention to elements you agree with.

And lastly, ask yourself an important question. Am I choosing where I put my thought even 1% of the time? You will soon discover that your thought has no proprioception, and as such quickly produces incoherence.

The job is to first fix that issue by noticing in a place of curiosity how wild your thought is, and how the dominant culture grabs the attention of your wild, out of control thought.

First step notice. This will take a good bit of discipline, but will be well worth it. More to come later.

Hope that helps