Certified Obsolete
Daimen Hardie

Hey Daimen — Saw you just started to follow me and so I took a peak at your writing. I dig the direction you are headed with this piece.

One thing I am compelled to share. I have worked with all of the above in a variety of projects, and truth be told, they all fail at the B. Fuller criteria you present.

Measurement / Metrics / Certifications mean almost nothing to the consumer. In short order they all get co-opted as branding exercises backed by the good intention of the standard creators. Find me 10 consumers — or corporate execs — that could even describe what these certifications really mean.

Plus, both the B-Lab and Cradle-to-Cradle founders, in my personal experience, are incredibly inflexible — the Cradle-to-Cradle guys famously so. All three groups start from the standpoint that they are right — and this is their undoing.

They are sensible, yes, but as Norman Mailer teaches us, the sensible are never free. Something else is required here. Something the founders of these certification models cannot yet see — because to see it would dismantle their whole lucrative system.

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