Hi Andrew, it’s interesting how we see things through our own frames.
David Ng

Right on David,

What is cool about this dialogue is that we are actually exploring our topic area from multiple perspectives-giving depth and perspective. Most often, in spaces like these, folks get lost in dualities and polarities.

Sounds like your work is incredibly valuable!

And I want to suggest you check out David Bohm’s potent little book entitled ‘On Dialogue.’ I use it often in my work and you may find it helpful with your efforts. The dean of a university I was teaching at gave it to me some years ago.

Lastly, and I have to say this, I do find it odd and dare I say…disappointing that the author did not engage.

Funny to publish a piece on opening to new perspectives and then not engage in the invitation to open to new perspectives. Telling and doing often live in different universes, more so now then ever I suppose.

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