A clear articulation of shadow boxing with the enemy — which merely turns shadow into manifest…
Joe Brewer

Thanks for your response Joe. Much appreciated.

If you will indulge me, I want to amplify a few distinctions from the writing that your comment helps to clarify.

First off, the practice of Deliberate Intent trains us to irrevocably stop boxing with the enemy. And further, when a great fighter trains, he trains to see clearly and absolutely the mind of the opponent. Shadows are acknowledged and rejected — they contain no valuable information about the opponent.

On that note, this piece fundamentally rejects the practice of shadow work. There exists on the planet a powerful force of predatory energy, it comes into a person through a host of vulnerabilities. It provokes self doubt and a lack of self-confidence. It undermines a person’s sense of themselves as powerful.

The practice of engaging this predatory energy, looking at it, and ‘processing it’ is naive and dangerous. Instead, one simply shores up their vulnerabilities through practice, awareness and discipline. At that point, one ceases to be a ‘host’ for this predatory energy, and is now free to explore their own power and liberated imagination.

Lastly, I must admit that the notion of a peaceful warrior makes me queasy. When that predatory energy crosses the threshold of your house and your boundary you must destroy it. All other times, you are wise to not engage it at all, neither in thought nor action.

The destroyer is to be legitimately feared. Do not box with him. There is no way to transform his energy into anything alive. It is very easy to be tricked otherwise.

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