Your Truth vs. The Truth
Brad Feld

The challenge, Brad, is worthy. The question — likely the only one worth asking as a conclusion-is how far are you willing to go?

Yes, an act of will is required to get beyond our deeply held beliefs, but will is just the beginning. It takes courage to go beyond mere thinking. I can’t think harder about that which eludes me when my foundational framework for thought is incongruent with reality. I have to get outside my thought and develop the skill to see with absolute clarity what is in my world. And seeing is not thinking. In fact, for the beginner, thinking only gets in the way of seeing.

Courage requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is an embodied act that demands something real and precious to be sacrificed; not once but over and over again. I am left wondering… Brad, would you take your own medicine?

What if, in an act of will and courage, it became clear that your foundational framework for reality — a framework that has likely supported significant ongoing success for you in the world-needed to be sacrificed? Leaving you in a difficult and prolonged period of disorientation and isolation where the signs and symbols around you suddenly made no sense.

Would you really do it? Would you make such a sacrifice?

Certainly if we are to take seriously the demand of truth we have no choice but to seek it out, as Wordsworth so precisely reminds us, in “the dark invisible workmanship that reconciles discordant elements in one society.” A sacrifice worthy of our potential always throws us off the cliff. Let us not take lightly the commitment, nor the reward; which is nothing less than our freedom from ways of thinking, feeling and seeing that no longer serve us… and never really did.