2018 Year in Review

Currently sitting in the lobby of a Berlin Hotel on New Year Eve, waiting to see fireworks at Alexanderplatz. It’s gonna be wild! I’m going to pick up where I last left off. Much has happened in 6 months.

Glad I can say I grew a ton in the latter half of 2018 in almost all areas. I am still pretty low from starting over but I have a more refined idea of what my path.

I want to focus my studies and technical skills to be strong in AI / machine learning. Had my first R&D software internship at Yaskawa. I just want to see my idea happen. Been a lot more open and made a huge push to talk to experts so readily available at UT and mentors in Austin.


  • Interviewed with Aptiv (delphi technology) for self driving car system cool!, Google for software engineer, but I don’t know if I want to be considered for data science? Data jobs? I just like machine learning and want to grow in that direction.

Summer Internship at Yaskawa

  • Learned alot about working with people
  • Notice alot more job interested in my previous experience
  • Worked with hardware and software did everything. Dabble with machine vision and AI applications
  • Chang works at google verily now building surgical robot! Crazy!!! Davinci purposely didn’t want AI capability, google does
  • Frank know alot about everything
  • Everyone cool

Smart toilet

  • Really got it moving and putting myself out there
  • Talked to mentors
  • Pitched to Julia Cheek diagnostics

LongHorn startup

  • Really put myself out there try to connect, grow and learn and get accepted into longhorn startup but ultimately failed because I didn’t have a product ready by class



  • Super exciting finished course formally CS188
  • Want to be an expert
  • Will do fast.AI, Andrew Ng, and learn Tensorflow
  • AI is so powerful game changing
  • I cant be the best but I want to be knowledgeable and this leverage the power for application and form a startup out of it. Will ultimately be useful for smart toilet.
  • Reading bad blood, master algorithm, and augmented
  • Want to see what I can do with voice kit and vision kit.
  • Will try to value add voice kit and sell


  • Successfully finished it! It was brutal and ate all of my time for fall semester. Was on edge of failure. I met the most brilliant partner building pintos. There are so super talented people. Very useful for a specific technical problem.


  • This is something I don’t think I’ll ever bury completely. But my window is closing or closed. I never stopped wanting to be a doctor, but I just want too much. I was young and naive not knowing how to walk. But everyone has to learn and who knows what would happen.
  • I would have graduated and been resident physician this year if I had not had my life changing experience and desire to do more. I am often think of Icarus. But it’s exciting and what I want to ultimately achieve I want to do more
  • This summer I lost a big chance to come back but maybe at the same time not. I remember tearing up crying. Desperation and realization that my door has closed for sure. Deep down I knew.
  • I messed up my order. Couldn’t learn medicine on own but could CS. should have finished MD then pursue tech. Shouldn’t have started over at the bottom. Regret. But no one would know what would happen. I want too much, and impossible to know.
  • I can still appreciate the power of tech to truly innovate healthcare it was not something I could do from within but perhaps my goal could still be achieved with the MD.


  • This is my biggest regret I cant help her faster takes time, messed up my path.

Middle age approaching late twenties.

  • Younger people definitely could take more risk and have a bigger window of opportunities.
Frohes neues Jahr!

Originally published at AV.