2019+: No more to-do listing, schedule allotted time. Smile more.

Happy new year! and first post in 2019! something I’d like to improve and implement tenaciously this year is to de-habit to-do listing and form a habit of scheduling what can be done in the near term (day, week, month max).

By living the to-do listing, I realized it’s similar to opening up interesting tabs to read later. Tasks gets buried and offers an excuse to move on without resolution.

I still believe in the fail fast mentality, if something doesn’t work abandon it quickly and iterate on, move on. I have many personal projects that I use as foundations to validate techniques or hypothesis for my grand project. When I successfully validate the possibility and achieve success I consider the personal project finished. The problem arises when I try to expand the original hypothesis by desire to monetize the project or expand it into something super cool.

By allotting time, things at least get a chance to progress, and if it’s not worth it because of a greater priority. I can chuck it with resolution, identifying time cost, that the endeavor is not worth it. This will ensure fairness between my tasks and a trial of finishing projects completely regardless of worth, away from my fail fast mentality I’ve burned in.

As a learning experience, these next couple months, I will finish out what I started no matter what even after identifying it as not good use of time, like accumulating full fledge small projects to build reward feeling and habit. But such way seems very stubborn and wasteful of our finite time. Regardless I can see the benefits and first order would be this limited months of finishing what I start no matter what.

To have both or knowing when to use either, will be beneficial to me as a leader.

Also! I want to return to more lightness by smiling more. Life had been very maturing these past few years. : )

Originally published at AV.