Hello Medium!

My name is Andrew Vuong. Developer, Entrepreneur, Tech lover, Med School Dropout

I had initially wanted to pursue medicine and become a physician because my father pasted away from chronic illnesses when I was fourteen. I didn’t want any other children to have to go through my childhood without a father and a parent without their partner.

I realized in medicine, I would be limited by the control of others in how I may help the world such as legislature, political climate, hospital administrator and their investors, and just the nature of the profession, being cyclical and non-advancing, similar to preservation. I have a burning desire to create substantive value through creativity and innovation that will progress humanity, alleviating suffering and fear.

Going forward

I wanted to break the status quo in suffering and take advantage of creativity. I transitioned out of medical school to study computer science because I wanted to improve society on a larger scale. I am excited to incorporate technology into innovative ideas for the betterment and advancement of society. There are endless possibilities with the tools available to build, especially in the digital space. We live in an amazing time for creativity and can harness that power through the Internet to disrupt stagnant industries and progress. I want to learn and grow with great people.

I am currently working on a few iOS projects that I hope to bootstrap to market and to develop minimum viable products for accelerators/incubators.

In addition to building apps, I wanted to dabble into building my brand, with my personal website and blog as my headquarter. Owning and hosting this blog is a fun learning experience. I have a second domain askyforever.com that I will use to experiment and build using HTML/CSS to what this wonder WordPress powered blog looks and functions like.

My personal projects double as fun hobbies that grow my software developing and entrepreneurial skills. I am currently very excited on publishing a social project through an app that serves primarily as a public service.

In my free time, I love cooking, biking, reading, and learning anything, in particular history, space, technology, and why things are the way they are. I also enjoy exploring new places and culture.

Mobile technology, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are topics I am very interested in.

I hope you enjoy following my high hopes, exciting journey into uncertainty.

I’ve taken a leap of faith and have not quite landed yet. I hope I can be of great use to this world when I do.

Follow me here or at www.andrewtvuong.com