Internet of Things

I’m a huge believer in what software, or synonymously imagination, has to offer. Software has so many advantages from huge scalability, margins, and unlimited possibilities. The digital world unlike, physical, is built and given life by our imaginations.

At the same time, the fast moving world of technology have enter a time period where it is ready for control of existing physical objects with the imagination of software. Microelectronics, 3D printing, energy source, cloud computing, advanced software, mobile technology, environment, and acceptability have all reached a level where the growth will now be unstoppable and only the inevitable.

Internet of Things is basically giving the imaginary software from the digital space a physical presence to further progress and improve our physical lives. IoT will imbue physical objects and existing physical processes with a sensor to collect information on the environment. IoT allows for two very powerful reward of automation and data collection.

As a result of IoT’s sensors and automated processes, we will produce and collect a huge amount of real time data that is extremely difficult if not impossible for humans using traditional models to refit the trends based on a large constant stream of new information. Accordingly, we will need the power of AI to handle the collected data by learning on its own and continually updating its model.

The ultimate goal of IoT is to free up the only resource that is finite, time. Almost any task is possible given infinite amount of time, but that’s not reality. Previous seemingly impossible tasks will now be realistic. In a similar vein, we will have much more efficient functions and save us time from doing tedious, nonsensical work that can and should take care of itself. We will have more time.

I am looking forward to Flushed, my IoT startup that I will turn idea to reality. 2017 is going to be a great year.

Originally published at AV.