things are going

It’s been a while, friend! and I’m pleased to say, things are going. I finished a pretty challenge course, and the next semester will be an even critical point. (yet again! but that’s good)

I snagged an internship where I am working on cloud robotics with one of the biggest industrial robotics company in the world. Luckily it touch on topics that interest me such as AI and IoT, well granted these are IIoT! I’m learning alot in a startup like innovation branch as part of the larger mothership.

I’ve learned firsthand how bureaucratic and slow-moving large companies operate. Fortunately our branch is their innovation arm, so we stay pretty lean and get exciting work done, all the while have the backing of a large company.

I’m getting paid to learn AI and cloud infrastructure at work, and while not working, I’m trying to knock out Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course. The course is taking a while to complete because Octave performs horribly for me. It crashes too often and leaves me too frustrated to finish. I have recently switched over to MatLab, but realistically I probably want to build my skillset in python + libraries such as NumPy.

On the side, I have a bunch of ideas in the pipeline that I hope to complete by end of summer: Allergy AI iOS app based on recommendation learning, train my Google Vision Kit Raspberry Pi to be able to count cars that pass by my patio, and more easily to use Google Voice Kit Raspberry Pi as a smart alarm clock where I can schedule it tasks without speaking to it.

The Google AIY Vision Kit is especially exciting because it serves to augment my internet camera streaming interest. Basically make my current and potentially all internet cameras capable of being “smart”, to be able to identify objects and understand its environment.

Another interesting and personally motivated project is the Allergy AI app to identify what I’m allergic too. Even though I know I am hella allergic to cedar! It would be helpful to differentiate out other allergen to make my life physically better. Spring time this year was NOT FUN; itchy dry crusty swollen eyes and months of coughing and sneezing. I do not like taking any kind of medication, but this year I’ve actively sought out and took claritin. So hopefully this app will be useful to me and others suffering from allergy.

Finally I want to update my progress my startup. I’ve meet a couple of mentors who have given very helpful advices on moving forward with a prototype from funding to technical help.

See ya! Expect another post around August!

Originally published at AV.