wondering how this relates to this
Bonnitta Roy

Before I get to my own thoughts, what comes out of your wondering?

Yes- lots of resonance. What I’m orienting people to (and… myself!) in Dreaming is what’s underneath our senses of Identity, where I would argue the urge to categorize with epistemological/ontological arises from — or deeper, the urge to categorize as epistemological/ontological in the first place (the split between knowing and being, or being and doing, or knowing and doing)…

The idea isn’t to get rid of Identity, or of discourse that relies on categorization — that’s a by-product when it happens, and I think those discourses can be used skillfully. But Dreaming at least opens the possibility of what in your article is Gnostic and Alethic truth. As I’ve been working with people the sense is of something natural and obvious, and at the same time quite foreign — we’re just not used to paying attention through the ‘sense’ of gnosis, or of direct seeing as opposed to looking for. (One of the practices I have people do is to find a “Dream Totem,” an object that is active in their Dreaming, and one of the instructions for them is ‘you’re going to find an object, you’re not going to look for it, but you’re going to see it and perceive it and recognize ‘oh, that’s the thing Andrew was talking about.’’)

Dreaming rests below where the ‘ignorant misconceptions about the nature of things’ come into being. From the personality, those ignorant misconceptions — what I call elsewhere ‘reality locations’ look like something that limits one’s Free Creativity. From Dreaming, those ignorant misconceptions are a manifestation of Free Creativity, and in aligning with Activity on that level we gain the ability to reclaim the active nature of those limits.

Activity as I use it seems to be related to the ‘processural continuum.’ It’s the activity of everything. The View is to recognize that the activity that you are and the activity of everything is the same activity, and so you have a kind of direct access to that, though (as above) we’re not used to ‘seeing there’ since it’s not something that our Identities do, but something that does our Identities. View, as you’re using it as well, is then a way of seeing and a degree of seeing, and the way of seeing deepens the degree of seeing (View brings about experience which confirms and strengthens View).

I have a whole series of these I’ve written out on a website I haven’t been able to get to look right which also addresses some of the above that I’m putting up on Medium day-to-day.

Thanks for pointing me to this article! Gives me a lot of important theoretical background, and is a confirmation of much that has been intuitive, though informed by my readings and interactions with people like… you! I’m not really putting together a theory at this point, but in the words of the article at least it’s a sign that Dreaming is a ‘good practice,’ which is heartening.

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