Dubai is well reputed as shopping hotspot all around the world. Each and every thing is available over here whatever need of a common human being is.

Almost every kind of brand is available here because this is a country where tax is not fixed to a great extent. The rates of every item are lower than the other countries. Precisely, this is the main reason for which it is called a shopper’s paradise.

Shopping malls:

There are many shopping malls where you can buy and sell anything in Dubai. Shopping malls are close to fifty that are situated over here to serve people in different ways. Hind end apparel boutiques, gold jewelry, electronic appliances, perfumes, carpets, handi crafts, in short each and every thing is available in these malls. May be this is the reason that it is known where there is mall culture. The service provided in these malls is of the rank of first rank that is done in every perspective.

Souks of Dubai:

Different soaks in Dubai are also situated in the same city. Shopping cannot be completed without the visit of souks. These souks are situated in Deirah that sell fish, spices, perfumes and gold.

· Dubai gold souk:

Visitors love to visit the gold souk in their very first round. The very first reason in this souk will demonstrate the reason for which Dubai is called the city of Gold. Many shops are available here where traditional and nontraditional kind of gold is set for sale.

· Spice souk:

Spices from all around the world are brought here for sale. The aroma of fresh spices is spread in the whole souk.

· Fish souk:

Local residents of Dubai bring fresh fish over here that is sold in bargain bazaar later on. Fish is much fresher than the fish that is sold in other markets.

· Perfume souk:

Perfume souk is one of the most famous souks especially for the traditional Arabic perfumes that are called attar. One can get western brands of perfumes as well.

The best buys in Dubai:

Different kinds of items are bought buy the people here and they call it their best kind of buy. Electronics, gold rugs, carpets, mobile phones and many other items are said the best buys over here. One can get even used furniture in Dubai as well.

These were some main points of shopping in Dubai, for which it is called shopper’s paradise.