Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the whole world. As it is growing, so many companies are also being established over here. This is the reason that people from all around the world come here for UAE Dubai jobs. Many employees call Dubai a fantastic experience with enjoyable lifestyle. A brief discussion is available down here about jobs and lifestyle in Dubai.

Benefits and salaries in Dubai jobs:

There are different kinds of benefits for the people who do job over here. Free classifieds sites in Dubai are loaded with the ads that offer different kinds of salary packages. These salary packages are liked most of the time because they are not supposed to pay the tax. A common middle class salary starts from 5000 dirham per month.

Nonpayment of salaries and wages:

A nonpayment of wages and salaries is a rare issue that happens here. The reason is that government of Arab is well aware of the issues of its poor and needy people. If any employ is facing such kind of issue, he can file a complaint whenever he wants. Is short, there are very rare cases in which such issues are handled by the government of this sector.

Working hours and holidays:

Most of the jobs in Dubai are for 5 days and for 6 hours of a day in the whole week. The employee should know the whole terms and conditions before signing the company. Friday is a holiday in the whole Arab state. The working days of private sector are different from the working days of government sector. But most of the private sectors follow the rules and regulations that have been set by the management of government sector.

Dressing of employee in Dubai:

Dresses of natural fiber are liked to wear by the employees. It is necessary to wear a tie for male employees and female can wear the dress code as per demand of the company management. Most of the women expats who are from foreign countries wear western countries, wear western clothes. They can wear whatever they want because there are no restrictions in Dubai.

When a person goes to the search of job from UAE Classifieds, rules and regulations are told in the same site.

So these were the basics for the person who is wishing to get a job in Dubai and want to settle down over there.