Classified ads are named as advertising in unique form. This is a kind of tool that is used to mark some sort of personal information, information about rare but recent events, happenings. If we see in our near past, we would see that classified ads were used only in newspaper for publishing something. Later on they were used on the screens of television. When internet spread all around the whole world, classified ads took new medium that was internet. Almost every country started using this medium for publishing the ads of different kinds. Dubai is also one of those countries where this medium was used the most as we can see through UAE Classifieds.

Ø The characteristics of online advertising are highly admired and accepted all around the globe. The advantages are being given below:

1. The very first advantage to take the help of internet is that you can write whole characteristics of the things or product for which you are writing the ad. For example, you are going to write about used furniture in Dubai, you can mention the durability, quality even each and every thing about that furniture even if it is old one and used.

2. Another great advantage to take help of online classifieds is that these ads are read to a great extent. When we publish something in newspapers or magazines, most of the people ignore these columns and do not read them carefully. If the same ad is published through online resources, one can ad pictures that may attract the people. So, most of the people at least have a look of the as even if cannot read the whole set. So, they are tended to buy the product.

3. Another great advantage of publishing online classified ad is that they are not old or out dated. When same ad is published in some newspaper, reader will not be interested in it when once date has been passed. But nothing is old over internet.

4. A great advantage of Dubai online classifieds ad is that it if low cost than the conventional media resources. Many websites are doing great job to provide the facilities to their customers of free ad posting. When we post an ad through conventional ways, we have to pay high amount that is hardly to afford.

These were some of the benefits that we get if we take the help of online classified ads rather than conventional ways. So, if you want to get the benefits, you must try once at least.

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